A Certain Scientific Railgun S Episode 19

Protecting a loli officially qualifies Saten as an Index Main Character

Recap: As the girls try and figure out where Febri came from, she seems to warm up to everyone except Mikoto. Mikoto tries to win her over, but that just may be playing into the EVIL NERDS’ plan.

Jel’s Thoughts:¬†As a pretty direct continuation of last week’s episode, this was also far from the most thrilling moment in the Railgun series. Still, I’m liking how they are fitting in the easy going, slice of life bits in the context of a greater story. Also, finding a mysterious child and having the girls figure out how to take care of her is certainly not as overused as a pool or festival episode. Even the bits of fan service are fairly subdued and meshed in with the flow of the story, so if they’re going to slip in a shot of Saten in the bath here and there I’m not going to complain.

I think the real villains are the ones conducting "Frog Warp Experiments"

The real highlight of the episode though is seeing Mikoto squirm a bit as she tries to get Febri to warm up to her. We’re so used to seeing her be great at EVERYTHING (conversations with Touma aside), so to see her struggle with a situation in a way that’s so befitting her personality is kind of amusing. I also probably laughed harder than I should at Febri discovering the man in the Gekota suit wasn’t real, but I suppose you’ve all figured out by now I am a horrible person.

Saten is pretty great this series. No snarky commentary here.

Other than more Saten being the awesome big sister, there wasn’t too much more to say about this episode. According to Index rules she has a loli so she gets to be a main character now, right??? Predictably, Febri meeting Mikoto has seemed to work in favor of the EVIL NERDS and I’m assuming we’ll be seeing more consequences of that soon enough. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess Febri is actually a robot and not a child error, but we’ll about that soon enough. Saten did manage to give her a bath without noticing anything strange so I could be wrong there. With only a few episodes remaining, I’m enjoying Railgun’s smooth exit but I am hoping we get a little more action soon.

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