Contest: Win a copy of Rune Factory 3!


Thats right! To celebrate the release of Xseed’s Rune Factory 4, and because we know you all are incredibly sad that you can’t court Raven despite her being in the game, us generous people here at TGB have decided to throw a shiny new copy of Rune Factory 3 for the DS your way!

We know you will love Raven, but the rest of the girls are pretty cute too. We promise.Raven is great, but the rest of the cast is pretty cute too. We promise!

So how do you win? Just hit up the comments and tell us all about your waifu! (or husbando!) We want to make sure we put this game in the right hands so be sure to give us all the juicy details of your favorite 2D guy or girl. And just to specify to avoid confusion, they don’t have to be from any of the RF games. RF3 has no harem route though and we aren’t letting you have one either; keep your entries to a single character.

Deadline is midnight Central Standard Time on Sunday, October 20th when we will pick out our favorite entries and throw them in a hat to draw out the winner to be announced shortly thereafter. Sort out your feelings by then and give us a comment to be eligible. A note to you international folks, you are free to enter but expect me to ask you to pay for shipping as it isn’t cheap. You are also responsible for having the proper hardware to, you know, play the game.

character_imageWith 11 girls to choose from you are sure to find someone you like.

Do you make us laugh? Make us cry? You have till the 20th to figure it out. Good luck!

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