Strike the Blood: Episode 2 Vampire Stalking


Recap: Yukina begins to settle into her position as Koujo’s “watcher” when a major explosion rocks the city and she leaves to investigate. She finds herself in the middle of a fight between an evil priest and some poor vampire, and Koujo is forced to use his powers to save her.


Lifesong’s Thoughts: Is it weird that I find this show interesting despite thinking it’s not very good? The pacing feels rushed and the character’s iterations are just not that interesting, but I find myself being drawn in anyway.

I like this dark fantasy setting where everything is just out in the open, it reminds me of Index in that sense. I also find myself liking this protagonist and his philosophy on power. He reminds of Vash even though his personality is not the same.


I wish this show would play up the crazy a bit more than it does. It feels like it’s Trigun meets Hellsing just under the surface, but so far that just hasn’t come out despite our run in with a crazy axe wielding priest.

I enjoyed this enough to stick around till the end of the first arc at least. I assume that will be episode three. Also, we have a chick kicking ass with a spear and it’s at least decently animated… I can’t pass that up can I?

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