Little Busters Refrain: Episode 2 Groundhog Day?


Recap: Rikki is spending time with Kurugaya and finding himself faced with a strange dejavu. Meanwhile the rest of Rikki’s friends come the conclusion that Rikki is in love with her and try to get him to confess to her.


Lifesong’s Thoughts: Little Busters is doing a good job of pulling me this season than it ever did last time. Mio’s route managed it I suppose, but putting Mio aside, Rikki suddenly seems to be much more active part of the story and I like that. The directing just feels more solid as a whole, but only time will tell.

Kurugaya is winning me over with her calm charming personality. She almost feels like a different person at times, but then I guess we didn’t really get to see this side of her very much in the first season. Rikka and Kurugaya staring into each others eyes with fireworks in the background was cuter than I would have expected. OTP? I think that probably belongs to Rin.


Bigger things seem to be going down than just a little bit of romance though, and Rin’s jealousy makes her feels for Rikki pretty obvious. I wonder if those are part of this whole groundhog day scenario or if something bigger is at play? At any rate it seems like Kyouske knows something. I hope he can give us some answers next week.

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