One Week Friends Episode 8: Isshukan Rage



Kaori wants to go to the beach, a plan Hase wholeheartedly endorses. Reluctantly, Shogo helps him coordinate the outing. As they spend more time together, Kaori and Hase start reconsidering the nature of their relationship, but wuss out when they have the perfect chance. We were not pleased.

Shout out to main bro of the year contender Shogo. This dude puts up with a lot of shit for Yuki, even more so in this episode than usual. I think soon enough he’s going to get more involved in getting Kaori and Yuki to fess up and be honest with each other. You can already see how much he understands where the relationship is in this episode. It’s almost like Shogo is a part of Yuki’s conscience, constantly pushing him forward. I’m not sure if he just pities his wimpy behavior, or simply wants to help out a friend, but he clearly wants to help him despite all his protests. I’d absolutely love to see him start to work with Saki. The two make a good duo, and they both obviously see what our main pair don’t.


It’s all the effort that gets put into this outing that makes the last act really hard to watch. It’s almost as if One Week Friends was intentionally playing on all the old shoujo tropes just to tease us on the romance. As Iro put, Yuki was basically given the greatest romantic setup of all time, and still wusses out on it. The two are so adorable together, it really is more annoying now to watch them go through the motions. At least we got to see a few new cute dresses on Kaori. Too many shows just have their main characters stick to their one outfit at all times that it’s nice to see a show that appreciates variety.


I’m not sure what has changed in me since I was younger. Back when I was a freshman(good lord, was that already 6 years ago?), I found Toradora. It was both the first subbed anime and the first romance anime I had ever watched. Through almost the entire series, I was completely enamored. I loved the ups and downs of the story, even if it kept mercilessly teasing romance, only to pull back at the last minute. A year later, and Kimi ni Todoke had the exact same effect on me. Nowadays, I find the old fashioned romantic buildup to be as much frustrating as it is endearing. It might just be the niggling thought that this show will not end on a satisfying note. I suppose that it’s not outside the possibility that there is an ending point ala the first season of KnT, one which doesn’t complete the romance, but ends it at a satisfying point. Unfortunately, that is a rare occurrence in the romance genre.


Still, this was still a really adorable episode. Despite our frustrations, there was an appreciable development in the relationship between our two leads. I am a bit confused to learn that Kaori was jealous last episode, the conversation he was having was hardly flirtatious, but it does at least seem to lean to the idea that she is coming to understand her feelings for Yuki. On the other side, it’s a bit annoying to see Yuki continue to flounder about being honest with himself. I suppose I could understand him not wanting to tell Saki, but if he’s going to do such a poor job of pretending he isn’t into her, he might as well fess up so he stops looking like an idiot. This game really knows how to play with our hearts, and I’ll expect more episodes like this as we start to focus closer and closer on the budding romance.

7 thoughts on “One Week Friends Episode 8: Isshukan Rage

  1. This might sound odd, but I really appreciate the fact that the by now utterly standard beach episode got turned on its head a little thanks to the sudden change in weather. Firstly, it was just kinda cool to have a bit of realism – the fact is, weather just doesn’t cooperate all the time, but anime mostly only features days at the beach with absolutely-perfect-in-every-possible-way conditions. Secondly and more importantly though, I’m insanely relieved that viewers were saved from all those typically inevitable bikini shots. I was scared there for a minute, but perhaps I should have known better – Isshuukan Friends is too smart and too sweetly sophisticated to go in for that.

    • Yeah I was pretty confident there was a 0% chance we’d actually see girls in bikinis in this kind of show. I thought their playing with tropes was fine in that respect. It’s just that the whole romantic tension was so stereotypically shoujo that I wanted to punch Yuki in the face.

      • Yeah, I’m no fan of that particular brand of romantic tension either. Since I go in fully expecting it every single time I watch any kind of romance anime though, regardless of whether or not it’s a shoujo piece, it didn’t get to me too much.

    • I’m not sure if you’ve seen Golden Time but that did something similar with its beach episode. It was under much different circumstances and technically there was still a bikini involved, but it did subvert the typical anime beach episode and turned into something beautiful without being exploitative. This episode definitely made me think of it.

      • I only ever saw one episode of Golden Time before decicing it wasn’t really for me. I really enjoyed Toradora, hence my taking a look at Golden Time in the first place, but maybe I’ll give the series another try at some point.

    • All I’ll say about Golden Time is it that it quickly goes in a different direction from where it starts and if you enjoyed Toradora you should definitely give it another shot. I really enjoyed both series.

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