First Look: INVADERS of the ROKUJYOMA!?


Alternative titles: Japanese title
Light Novel Adaptation by Silver Link
Streaming on Crunchyroll


A young man moves into a small room with cheap rent in order to make his dad’s life easier. He soon finds himself contending for the room with a ghost, magical girl, woman from under ground and an alien with advanced technology. Insanity ensues.

Life’s verdict: Magical Girlfriend Harem

Imagine all the magical girlfriend tropes you can think up. Take those and stuff them into a single room. For better or worse that is exactly what this anime does. Honestly I thought the first half of the episode was pretty boring, but I found myself amused once the antics in the room started up. The story itself? Well it hasn’t really gone anywhere yet and I don’t really expect it to be interesting.

The jokes aren’t particularly funny, but they are amusing in meta, self aware sort of way. The presentation also presents some jokes on it’s own such as shifting the camera to the outside of the apartment before the protagonist throws a newly arrived heroine outside. When the third heroine arrives the camera switches, but the woman from the world below our protagonist’s apartment doesn’t get the boot. There are also some fun visual gags. We get to see all of the heroines in a cameo of sorts before they actually make their introduction. Gags like these keep an otherwise annoyingly large cast of characters in check.


I’m honestly not expecting that much from this show and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is less than an expert on magical girlfriend anime. That said, I uh… I probably qualify as I actually found this show somewhat amusing. I’ll continue watching for now. If it does manage anything of merit I’ll be sure to share it.

Jel’s verdict: Quantity Over Quality

I really wanted to hate this. Each of the invader girls is so moe it hurts. Seriously, my eyes and ears were in pain watching their sickeningly cute character designs and hearing their shrill squealy voices crammed into a very tiny room. I can’t deny though as more and more girls start showing up though it was kind of amusing, just seeing how far over the top they could really push it. Once it got to the point of alien girl summoning her giant laser cannon I couldn’t help but chuckle.


Unfortunately a quick chuckle seems like all this series is going to amount to. There’s no question Invaders is highly self aware but I don’t get the sense they plan on doing anything with it. It seems to love its tropes too much to be satire, particularly as it dives headfirst into some cheap fan service toward the tail end of the episode. And as far as comedy goes, I’m sure it will inevitably come down to the girls fighting over the main character, just like any other harem anime. I wasn’t even impressed by the directing of the usually impressive Shin Oonuma (Watamote, Baka and Test), who seems perfect for saving a stupid premise like this. Maybe the fact that even he’s not trying is a signal to bail out now.

One thought on “First Look: INVADERS of the ROKUJYOMA!?

  1. Even as a fan of the LN myself, I’m hesitant to recommend RnS to others as well. For most readers, it gets very good once the real plot begins to unroll itself… except that doesn’t happen until like, Vol.7 (out of 16 + 2 volumes as of now) and no matter how much they try to rush it is highly unlikely they can adapt beyond that. If you’re not into the kind of light, character based humor this episode has demonstrate thus far, you’re gonna have a real hard time chewing through what most readers consider to be a pretty average “prologue”.

    That being said… after watching the episode I’m uncertain how silver link intend to approach this adaptation. There are quite a ton of references towards much much later plots that only LN readers would notice. Perhaps they still have something up in their sleeves?

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