Hunter x Hunter Episode 137-138



The zodiac assemble to discuss the rules for voting in a new chairman, while we learn about a strange member of Killua’s family.

Euri’s thoughts

Rest in peace, Mr Chairman. You seemed like a pretty fun guy, and you were an absolute badass in your fight against Meruem. However, it’s time to move on, so we’re introduced to the Zodiacs, a group of twelve cosplay-warriors who have a great admiration for the late leader of the Hunter Association. It’s their job to debate on how to proceed with voting for a new chairman, which for what you’d assume to be a tightly knit group of hunters, is getting pretty brutal.

I’ve spoken about the similarities between Hunter x Hunter and One Piece before, but this group of nutjobs, save for perhaps Ging, look like they’re straight out of Oda’s manga. I mean come on, we basically had the cow/bull guy already Anyway, that doesn’t matter all too much, but it does inject something new into what would otherwise be a documentary on how Killua is/is not coping with his friend being on the brink of death.

Oh yeah, Gon is on the brink of death. His dad apparently has the ability to see into the future or something, because he seems more than content about not going to visit him. I hope that he’s at least grieved for Kite.


So far the voting has only served to cameo some familiar characters, albeit very briefly, with most of the interest coming from Ging’s crazy predicting ahead of the Zodiac meeting. Oh, and when Hisoka and Illumi show up again and talk serious business, like Gon, Gon’s current situation, Gon’s favourite food, Gon’s three sizes…

Meanwhile, Killua heads home to go and see his sister, who just so happens to have the most insane nen ability I think we’ve seen so far. Not only does Killua have to endure the repercussions that his older brother asking for a top of the range PC would bring with it, but his wish, assuming that Alluka does indeed have the power to remove the crazy rules stopping Gon from being normal again, is going to mean that the next person to speak to her is going to have no chance at survival.

Which raises an interesting question. Killua has changed, and I don’t think he would kill another person right just to complete the equal exchange after Gon’s recovery. Also, now that he remembers his feelings for his sister, would he be willing to leave her in a state that may very well doom her to being alone for the rest of her life? Would you go anywhere near her, knowing what the last wish was?

I wonder if you could wish her own ability away…


Random observations

  • Illumi was definitely referring to Alluka as a younger brother, but Killua has been constantly referring to her as his sister. This could be a number of things, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that because of the bond they shared as kids, Killua is more understanding of her. My bet is on Alluka being biologically male, but that she identifies as a female.
  • She is terrifying.
  • Killua standing up to his father was quite the spectacle, and a good example of how far he’s come.
  • It’s easy to hate the rat guy, but I’m curious to what his true motivations are.

2 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episode 137-138

  1. That rat Parristion is such a troll and I love it. Ging is the definition of a deadbeat dad, but apart from that the way he outsmarted the entire zodiac with that last rule was pretty fucking cool and smart. Alluka is a monster, but being from the Zoldyck family it is not all that surprising, and a really adorable one at that, It’s probably a trap, but I’m gonna refer to Alluka as she/her.

    RIP butlers (and there loved ones) turned into minced meat TvT
    lol bigger the wish the bigger the requests.

    can not wait for episode 139

  2. Parriston is an incredibly interesting character. Love him AND hate him. How is that possible? Netero did right by making him the vice-chairman. You NEED someone of a totally different mind to challeng you (considering ALL the Zodiac admire the Chairman like a god).

    Christ Alluka…what to say. Poor child. What a frightening power. BAsically guarantees isolation. But it’s very interesting to see how Illumi and Hisoka are so concerned for Gong and Kills life. Obviously Hisoka wants them to rippen, but what is Illumi thinking? COntrolling Kill again? Damn this show is amazing.

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