JoJo: Stardust Crusaders Episode 16 and 17



Steely Dan and his Lovers Stand attacks our heroes, keeping Joseph as a hostage while he torments Jotaro.

Iro’s thoughts

Man, it’s actually really hard to write about this show because it’s just so damn straightforward. It’s monster-of-the-week, alright? It’s like one of the archetypical monster-of-the-week shonen battle manga! A guy shows up, he seems to be winning for a bit while our heroes figure out how to beat him, and then they actually do beat him. Granted, this pair of episodes is pretty fun, in no small part because of the incredible build-up to the moment where Jotaro can finally OraOraOra Steely Dan’s face in.

Steely Dan himself is such an amazingly smug asshole that it’s plain laughable. He almost reaches Dio’s douchebaggery heights in Phantom Blood, abusing the hostage situation to torment Jotaro in incredibly petty ways. It’s nice to see that Jotaro at least cares about his grandpa, I suppose, but it’s mostly all played for laughs and to show the audience how much of a cowardly little prick Dan is. His scramblings in Episode 17 to try and avoid Jotaro’s wrath are absolutely ridiculous, and it is accordingly quite satisfying to see his face beaten in for twenty seconds straight. Fun fact: this particular beatdown spanned three whole pages in the manga. As in, it was literally three full-page spreads of ORAORAORA out of a twenty-page chapter.

It should also be mentioned that this arc gave us a ton of opportunity to have Joseph acting like a complete spaz, which is always entertaining. It still baffles me that he didn’t just immediately Ripple the bud in his head (or why he didn’t Ripple all of the other flesh-buds up until now instead of having Jotaro pull them out with Star Platinum), but I guess that’s JoJo for ya. Let the monster-of-the-week continue!


Marlin’s Thoughts

There’s only so much that can be said about this show. There was a lot of punchghosting, I still enjoy the punchghosting, all is well. I’d be lying if I said the formula is becoming a little dry. I enjoyed Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency because their conflicts were very contained. This drawn out method of keeping the action alive with different stands is quickly becoming boring. There’s just no threat to it to keep the tension high. The only good outcome of this is that it allows the show to be silly as hell when it wants to be. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Joseph screaming OHHH NOOOO. Unfortunately I do know we still have a lot more to go through, so here’s to hoping it at least stays interesting.

2 thoughts on “JoJo: Stardust Crusaders Episode 16 and 17

  1. Ya i’m getting a little bored too, but then Jotaro and Star Platinum OraOra all over the screen and the smile quickly returns to my face.

    Here’s your reciept…You filthy animal~

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