Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Episode 7



Nozaki is feeling down about not having any hobbies and asks Chiyo to hang out with him on a rare day off. Mikoshiba is asked to model for the art club and agrees, with hilarious results.

Jel’s Thoughts

Finally, back to the main couple! The fact that Nozaki-kun can pull off an episode like this and not make me punch my screen is quite an accomplishment. Nozaki’s cluelessness is getting a tiny bit frustrating and very predictable for sure, but they do such a good job establishing his laser focus on his craft that it almost, ALMOST makes sense. It also helps that Chiyo’s unconditional love for him remains sweet and not creepy. She’s not blind to his reactions, and I found it particularly endearing when she chooses to put her own feelings aside and focus on being a good friend. I keep saying it, but allowing them to become friends and genuinely care about each other while keeping the romantic aspects on the sideline makes the potential frustration so much easier to cope with, if not making the show better overall.


The second half was considerably less substantial but had some really big laughs. Mikoshiba is such a fun character, wearing his fickle emotions on his sleeve. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything during the bit when he was imitating his sexy girly figures because I’m pretty sure I would have spit it back out laughing. Pretty much anything that involved Mikoshiba posing was hilarious. Nozaki’s takeover of the art club was a bit predictable, but still fun nonetheless. At the very least it was good to explore a new setting outside Nozaki’s manga process and see a tiny bit of Chiyo’s world.

It’s not often I get excited about side characters, but I’m actually really excited about returning to Kashima and Hori next week. Considering how late we are getting in the series, I have to wonder if there will be any closure to their relationship. I’m betting it will still be pretty ambiguous, but like all the couples in this show they are adorable to watch. Needless to say I’m looking forward to it, I’ll leave the rest of the gushing about this episode to Marlin.


Marlin’s Thoughts

This episode was super adorable. I agree with Jel that Nozaki’s fixation with his craft made the entire story that much more believable. We have learned through getting to know him that manga is his life, and he isn’t about to give up his devotion to it very soon. It also made a lot of sense that he didn’t think of any part of this as a date. They started out as friends, so there’s no real reason for him to see them hanging out as anything more than just hanging out. It helped that Nozaki’s bits were hilarious and Chiyo still manages to be cute the way she still acts lovestruck. I do like that she quickly realizes that it’s not going to be like a date, instead of drawing out everything as a misunderstanding.

The second half wasn’t as funny, but it was still pretty great. There definitely hasn’t been enough Mikoshiba lately. I really enjoy his nutty personality, so having a bit centered on him completely was welcome. I love how his playboy facade always gets him into increasingly greater trouble. Nozaki’s bit was pretty great as well. I didn’t mind him taking over the club because he just has the personality that could get away with it. This show is still going strong, and with Kashima coming back next week I’m really looking forward to what they’ll come up with next.

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