Hunter x Hunter Episode 145-146



Something performs a miracle, Killua cuts some onions and we finally get our new Hunter chairperson.

Euri’s thoughts

This anime is moving so sloooooow. I mean really, these past two episodes we’ve only had senzu-bean level restoration, psychopathic siblings hellbent on controlling other siblings and a battle of wits that puts Ace Attorney to shame.

I’m kidding of course. It’s great to see that Hunter x Hunter isn’t putting the brakes on too soon before it completes its run, and what a couple of episodes we’ve just had. First of all, the award for ‘most shocking scene in a shounen anime’ is stolen from HxH, only to be given right back. Seeing Killua hold what’s left of Gon’s withered body came as a complete shock. We knew it was bad, and that the doctors said he was lucky to be alive (yeah, no shit!), but even so, the small reveal was a complete sucker punch. The scene is completed with Killua’s reaction. His best friend seeing how truly pitiful Gon’s condition is. Hell, Killua probably already knew the extent of the damage considering it was him who brought Gon back to the palace after Pitou’s death, but it was still enough to reduce him to tears. Truly one of the most memorable moments of the show thus far.


As much as I like Alluka/Something, I have been worried about her introduction this late into the series, given that it seems like it was written in to allow for Gon to essentially come back from the dead. Fortunately she’s been one of the most interesting characters we’ve seen, certainly as far as the Zoldyck family goes, so I’d be lying if I said that I truly disliked how this has all panned out. Given the reaction from Killua when he saw the state of Gon, it seemed that there just wouldn’t be a scene as powerful as that left in the remaining three episodes. But obviously, this is Hunter we’re talking about, so of course there’s going to be something. Killua’s dismissal of Something, even though it was for her own benefit, was absolutely heartbreaking. Alluka and Something are no longer the monsters that the rest of the Zoldyck family seemed to be making them out to be, and to see Killua having to basically reject a family member, a family member without anyone else to call family, was basically akin to walking in on the international onion-cutting championships. I’ll admit that I’m happy to see everyone make up in the end, but I’m awfully curious to know what the Zoldyck’s current stance is on the matter. Cyborg-mum seemed to be almost accepting of the situation, but is that really the case? If it is, will Illumi stop at trying to control her and Killua?

Finally, there was the result of the chairman election. Given our initial impression of the guy, Pariston turned out to be quite the fun character. Not only did he play Cheadle for an absolute fool, but he did it with complete style. Becoming the chairman, only to appoint Cheadle as the vice-chairman and immediately resign? Genius. Like Ging said, he had no intention of becoming chairman, rather only to have fun. Another thing that Ging said was that Pariston may be the only person to have inherited the will of the chairman, and I think that was a pretty accurate statement now that the voting is over. He was clearly upset at the chairman’s death, as we can see when Cheadle confronts him about his immediate resignation, and while he didn’t seem particularly friendly in the way he worded it, I think he’ll be looking out for the Zodiac’s best interests after all. There may still be more to the guy, but for now, I’m pretty satisfied with how his character turned out.

Two episodes to go! Hold me 😦


Random observations

  • Ging being an awful parent is pretty fitting. It was fun to see him being lectured on how he treated Gon.
  • On the same hand, I think Gon’s meeting with Ging was pretty anti-climactic. Knowing Hunter, I’d almost convinced myself that Ging would die first.
  • I’m curious to see if the zodiacs ever become important to the rest of the story. At the moment only Pariston, Ging and Cheadle matter. Everyone else is basically just for show.
  • Alluka might be tagging along from now on, so I’m interested to see how that turns out. Hopefully it doesn’t drag the story down with too much sugoi onii-chan.
  • Judging from the voters, I think it’s safe to say that Gon is basically friends with most of them already. Small world.

2 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episode 145-146

  1. This
    “Hopefully it doesn’t drag the story down with too much sugoi onii-chan.”

    But ya a tear jerker all around. It seems Robo mom lets Killua off the hook.

  2. LOL MAH SIDES @ Ging dealing with Gon. Fucking father of the year right here.

    Nanikaaaa1!!! :__: *Has no idea how to deal* OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCKKKK!!!!!!!! ABORT ABORT

    just take all of my feels hunter x hunter. take em!!!

    ALSO I AM IN DENIAL THE SHOW IS ENDING NEXT WEEK ;_____________________________;

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