First Look: Tribe Cool Crew


Anime Original by Sunrise
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Dancing is cool right? It’s something kids are still into right? Let’s make a very cheap anime about that!

Zigg’s verdict: Dance Dance Revolution

Not going to lie – I 100% unironically enjoyed this. Yes, it’s one of the cheapest things I’ve ever seen (to the point there are multiple shot reuses within one episode) but it’s bright, colourful and has a distinctive art style that makes it pretty interesting to look at. The bold, cartoonish character designs in particular really stand out and I appreciate their outlandishness. Even the inevitable CG dancing is integrated about as slickly as you could hope for, and it’s well choreographed to boot (from someone who literally cannot dance to save his life). I like the soundtrack a lot, from the heavy dance/dubstep to the lighty poppy backing tracks. The story seems to be some pretty typical coming-out-of-your-shell/coming-of-age stuff, but the characters seem pleasant enough and I didn’t immediately dislike anyone, which is pretty good for a kids show. There were even a few decent chuckles to be had. No joke, it’s worth your time.


Iro’s verdict: We’re All Fools So Let’s All Dance, Baby

In the newest line of dumb-kids-shows-more-entertaining-than-the-bulk-of-adult-anime, we have an anime about dancing junior high students. It’s a clearly low-budget affair, with a very conspicuous thirty-second parkour segment directly reused in the second half of the episode and a lot of questionable CG during the actual dancing bits. That said, Tribe Cool Crew is solidly built even though it’s cheap, and the story has heart despite (or perhaps because of) its generic kiddiness. Also worth noting is that the two leads in this single episode got more characterization than the entire cast of Aldnoah.Zero. Anime!

Marlin’s verdict: Funky Fresh

It may be the low bar that it set, it may be that we watch way too much Marvel Disk Wars and this looks amazing by comparison, it may even just be because of that soundtrack, but nomatter how you slice it this was a fun bit of television. It’s cheap, it’s so obviously cheap, but it knows where to place its cheapness. Nothing gets as disgustingly off-model as we see in normal shows that received enough budget to buy a coffee machine at best, and even though there’s some pretty egregious reuse of animation, it allows the rest of it to look a lot better. It also has some surprisingly good cgi integration despite its shortcomings. I mean, it’s still really obviously cgi, but it’s nowhere near as bad as stuff like Kingdom or Blue Steel, and shows that were specifically made with it. The main character’s energy is absolutely infectious, and while his female counterpart may be a bit of a shy girl stereotype, it doesn’t own her. Personally I can’t wait for next episode where we get to see what happened to Beat after the Reapers Game and Dr. Robotnik: Before the Fall.


Gee’s verdict: Fly Like a Butterfly

Yeah, it’s a kids show, and it’s pretty apparent. Between the constant reuse of animation and the blatant CG, it’s obvious that this isn’t going to receive the Gundam Build Fighters treatment. That said, the animators have done a great job of hiding those limitations with snazzy art direction. Parts of it almost remind me of Jet Set Radio. The characters and the story so far are your typical be-true-to-yourself deal, but the overall execution is so wildly enthusiastic and earnest you can’t help but enjoy it. Throw in a pretty slick OST and you got something entertaining enough to stick around for.

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