First Look: Denki-Gai

denki1a Alternative titles: Electric Town’s Book Store
Manga Adaptation by Shin-Ei Animation
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Our focus is on a book store in Akihabara’s famous Electric Town. If this is sounding familiar to long time readers, that’s because this is an adaptation to a manga previously reviewed on Iro’s old RMT. While he gave the manga a resounding “okay”, the anime seems to have elicited a different reaction.

Marlin’s verdict: Bad Read

I initially grabbed this show as a member of Iro’s “It was okay.” club, but clearly something got lost in adaptation. The show’s characters are about as wooden and lifeless as Working!‘s only multiplied by the creepy factor of having their work deal with porn and then proceeding to shove that porn into your face for about fifteen minutes. The girls also blush like they’ve got a skin problem, and any sense of direction with the plot is only found in the very last scene when the new guy went back to Sensei’s. If the scenes were all like that from the beginning I feel like I would have liked this a bit more, but the adapters clearly had a target they wanted to focus on, and clearly its not the kind with taste. Looking back at even the few scans that Iro put in his blog, the jokes written by those scanlators gives a lot more life to the affair than CR’s literal translation. I definitely would have found the scene between the clumsy girl and the new guy more entertaining if it said she went and called them both “HUGE PORN LOVERS”. I appreciate CR for its mostly reliable timeliness, but in this case it’s done an already ailing show further disservice.


Iro’s verdict: Among The Worst I’ve Ever Seen

I covered the original Denki-Gai manga nearly two years ago, and derived some mild enjoyment from that. So believe me when I say this anime is utter garbage, throwing the audience into the creepy world of otaku with hardly any introduction of the baffling cast of characters. It made me reconsider if I actually enjoyed the manga or if I just liked the relatively liberal scanlation effort, and considering how terrible this anime was, I’m inclined to think the latter. Still, while I don’t want to be That Guy who always claims the manga is superior, it did at least ease the reader in and take time to get everybody acclimated, so it’s probably your best bet if you have any inclination whatsoever to Denki-Gai.


Zigg’s verdict: Appalling

This was creepy, pandering, badly written and poorly animated, but most of all IT WAS BORING. Nothing happens. We’re expected to find the fact that they make a bunch of awkward jokes about porno to be the most hilarious thing in the universe, but really it’s just another empty attempt at selling merchandise with pre-pubescent looking girls. Utter garbage.

3 thoughts on “First Look: Denki-Gai

  1. I felt the show was acceptable. It got a few chuckles, and with the season being as depressingly void of comedy as it is, I’ll take what I can get.

    • Just watch the Nozaki-kun specials. I imagine there’ll be more comedy in them than an entire season of this kind of show.

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