Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 5

parasyte5a Recap

Shinichi continues to search for distinctions between himself and the unfeeling Parasytes. By trying to intervene on behalf of his friend versus some bullies, he finds cause for his humanity, as well as interest from a new girl named Kana, who may be able to sense Parasytes. Away from home, tragedy strikes his family, and Shinichi must confront the worst case scenario.

Marlin’s Thoughts

I love the amount of thought going into this internal struggle Shinichi is dealing with as a host to Migi. Now that he’s stained his own hand with the blood of a Parasyte, the difference between him and Migi is starting to blur. It’s here that we see him cling to stereotypes of humanity’s altruism. I want to believe that he acts in genuine interest to protect his friend, but even the way he talks seems to make it out as him justifying his humanity by helping him. Even later, instead of doing something sensible like call the cops, he lashes out at the bullies in an attempt to save Murano to justify his own psychology. This does at least get him closer to her. He does take it a step too far, as it seemed like a very forward thing for Shinichi to ask her to spend the night considering they’d only gone on one date so far. I like that Murano understands him enough to see that he’s changing, and also was able to sidestep his advance while still expressing that she’s interested in him.

parasyte5cThe first big surprise of this episode is the introduction of Kana. Parasyte has loved to warp simple biological principles and adapt them to these otherworldly beings. Now we see something akin to an evolutionary exaptation in Kana’s potential abilities. This sense Parasytes would be something totally unrecognized until they started invading. Now I wonder if more people like her will realize the truth behind the Parasytes. Maybe this won’t be a problem at the moment, but as the murders rise I have to imagine those with this sense will make the connection. If Parasytes come into public knowledge, it could mean danger for Shinichi in the future. Even if he’s trying to fight them, he’ll still be seen as just another monster.

parasyte5bThis last development seems a little contrived, but the only way I could see the tension get ratcheted up was to have something happened to someone Shinichi loves. With Murano so prominent in material and the OP, that could only spell disaster for his loving parents. I feel it would have made a lot more sense if this tragedy happened in a rural town at least. The idea that his parents just happened to be sightseeing across the same barren stretch of coast as this desperate Parasyte is just a little silly. Still, the impact is massively effective, and helped even further by some stellar acting. Shinichi’s disbelief and panic can be felt in every line we hear as he fails to come to grips with this cruel reality. With the final scene looking like a kill shot, it will be interesting to see how Shinichi gets out of this encounter alive. On top of that, I have a morbid curiosity to see what happens when, even if he wins, how he is going to deal with what to the world would look like his own mother’s corpse.

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