Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 10


Shimada’s confrontation spirals out of control as his body is damaged. With no way to stop his autonomous Parasyte reactions, he goes on a killing spree in Murano’s class. Shinichi goes to save her, and resolves to defeat Shimada by his own hand. Later, we learn just how much the government knows about the Parasyte threat.

This was an absolutely solid episode. Shimada’s outburst gives a nice clue-in to the revelation later made by the researcher. After being disconnected to the main body, the Parasytes only act on instinct, and that is what makes them the most dangerous. The balance in the Shinichi-Migi partnership also remained solid this episode. They still disagree on their methods, but this time they’re able to come together to make a plan and finish off Shimada. It was also just a cool looking scene, having Migi turn into a new form in order to land the finishing blow. Later on, I like that Migi finally uses human empathy to try and influence Shinichi’s actions instead of simply going on the “cold logic” he always used in the beginning. It gives us the first glimpse at maybe a change on his end, as well as letting us see that Shinichi isn’t totally ignoring Migi’s input.


I hope this act of heroism doesn’t completely assuage Murano’s problems with Shinichi. Sure, the guy saved her life, but in order to save her live he had to do many of the things she described as problems with his changing character. Sure, being able to steel yourself in a tough situation is fine, but wars have proven time and time again how the coping mechanisms people use to overcome horrible situations can seriously affect their psyches. I also don’t get why she didn’t have any questions after his rescue. Are we supposed to expect she just attributes them to the trauma? I suppose it would work, but eventually she should realize all the weirdness surrounding Shinichi isn’t just coincidental to these events.


It’s nice to see that the government hasn’t been slacking about the Parasyte problem either. I get why they would want to limit information initially, especially due to the fluid nature of the Parasyte’s identities. Still, they could have at least given that police unit a warning. It seems like they know the signs well enough they should know about Parasyte attacks, so what is stopping them from creating task forces to deal with these kinds of incidents? At least my brothers in the biological research field get a chance to shine, introducing a pretty unique way to catch Parasytes. I’m still not quite sure how you popularize the idea of painfully plucking out the hairs on other people’s heads, but more power to them I guess. I’m still not quite sure how that would help, as even if someone then identifies a Parasyte by that, it’s not like they’re going to be able to do anything about it unless they also happen to have a strike team . Honestly, I feel like this would just make the smarter Parasytes go underground once they figure out the government’s game. With this particular arc over, the slate is cleaned for Parasyte. Shinichi is back in Murano’s good graces, and without an apparent threat, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

11 thoughts on “Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 10

  1. I don’t know….. the reactions all the side characters have towards the situation just feels stupidly awkward this episode.
    -The students who were next to Murano run away because Shinichi must be “one of those monsters”, and though it’s kinda true, the assumption is so random and absurd for someone who barely knows anything about the situation, that it got me to facepalm 10x over.
    -The students who evacuate the building……. do they really have to act like that? Come to think of it, does every bystander in the anime have to act like clueless idiots who do stupid shit on a moments whim?
    “The whole school is being evactuated, the teachers look paranoid with fear, it’s the second time this has happened since that murderer person attacked our school! Let’s make a joke to my friends while we walk casually out the school building hurr durr.
    Oh hey, that teacher is urging us to leave school grounds and he looks really scared for our safety. Let’s make fun of him instead. It’s not as if another murderer person might be in the building.”
    – And Murano just acts like nothing is abnormal about Shinichi after all that’s happened.

    • For the first point, I’d say anyone under duress shouldn’t be expected to act rationally. For the second, Idno man, students will always be really flippant with their teachers. It would have made a lot more sense if the Mr. A incident never happened, but I could still see some punk high school kids totally ignoring danger even after that kind of event, especially if they didn’t know about the severity.

  2. These kids are young, it’s the whole bystander effect which we’ve seen done in psycho-pass season 1, both series handled this very well. With Kiseiju we’ve got a strong sense of realism– kids cracking jokes because hey guess what they’re kids. Murano was just as frightened just like everyone else as she sees and hears classmates getting mowed down by an unknown murderer but in her case seeing someone she knows quite closely actually alive she couldn’t have responded better, because all of those feelings she had before are on the back-burner as she’s fearing for her life.

    • Yeah, but they’re around 16-17, not 10. Heck, people around the age of 10 have been shown to be less naive the students portrayed in this anime. And it’s not just the “kids”, the adults often act clueless too. Also, it’s more acceptable in Psycho-Pass since a large point of the story is that the Sibyl system almost basically brainwashes the bystanders, normal citizens.

  3. What even emphasized this more for Murano was when Shinichi took hold of her and jumped out the window and then again over the fence very high, she didn’t have time to think filled a heightened feeling of fear.

    • Yeah, I’m willing to buy that for now, but you’d think the recurrence of strange things Murano sees happening around Shinichi would come to a head at some point.

  4. The main lead is too overpower, actually parasyte the maxim manga is quite old style of drawing, but the anime was surprisingly good. I would say this anime series is better than the manga version.

    He saved murano and jump off the window, then the fence, the animation are all quite well drawn and the music suit the fighting and tension of the show.

  5. Sending in the police unprepared and Murano’s quick acceptance of Shinichis reasoning were the only things that made me doubel take. But the show is still pretty damn good.

    The hair plucking thing would be fine if it were used sparingly but making everyone change their form of greeting would tip off the parasytes quickly and drive them underground.

    Shinichi is getting seriously strong. He has his weakneses but he’s on a whole other level compared to the others.

    • It makes sense if his entire body has Parasyte cells, and his ability to cooperate makes that much more of a difference. So far, it’s implied the Parasytes can only affect the part of the body they take over. That was very vague for Parasite, but for Migi and regular Parasytes it seems very localized. I like how logical his progression in strength has been.

  6. I’ve just watched up to episode 10. I think this episode is certainly very strong. I do like to raise a few points though. I feel it is the turning point of the anime. Humans are starting to take action. Pull hair certainly very clever. Humans are, I feel, more intelligent than parasite. They are not just animals. The most advantage is humans work as a whole; group, organization, and government level. This is nice to see that they figured out how to identify parasite is a relatively small amount of time. Giving the parasite are the minority, I think Humans do have a chance of a eradicating them. The government’s action foreshadows possible human action on the main character. This may cause some humans want to hate ‘our character’ thus putting him into danger. The main character may be posed with a new threat once humans discovers his identity as half- parasite . I don’t think his relationship with Murano will get any better because he has become inhuman. In my opinion, I think it is better to let Murano to love some else because simply living with a cold hearted human being is going to be stressful and unhappy. Doubt it will actually benefit Murano. But at the same time, I do feel sympathy towards the main character given that I know his situation and his perspective. I am looking forward to see the next few episodes! It’s a bit horrific but the concept is great! I would give it 90/100!

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