Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 10



After the big fight, Team Try Fighters take a much needed break. When Sekai’s sister ends up in a fashion model themed gunpla tournament, Yuuma helps her build her own gunpla. But when a handsome jerk with an awesome Turn A shows up though, will her new gunpla hold up?

Gee’s Thoughts

This week’s episode builds itself up as the requisite beach/hot spring/general fanservice episode of the season, but boy does it not disappoint in ways you might not expect. Yes, there are girls in swimsuits and more Bearguys than ever before, but rather than rely on lowest common denominator pandering, this week’s episode actually manages to be one of the strongest in the entire season. Yuuma and Mirai’s cooperatively built Bearguy F is heinously charming, especially with the Little Bearguy attachment.


And for an episode ostensibly focused on girls and their girly robots, we get some genuinely great moments. As a fan of the Turn A’s design, it was absolutely fantastic to finally see a Turn A surfing on its distinct shield. People have been visualizing such an event for years, and to finally see it animated is a joy. But the Turn A wasn’t the only highlight of this show, seeing Mirai reveal her own Jigen Haoh training was genuinely satisfying. In a show that’s been famous for its poor treatment of its female characters, seeing the inoffensive fanservice bait that Mirai has been so far turn into a badass martial artist was pretty fucking great. Special points for its method of bringing down the Turn A. It’s a combination of a great bit of badass fighting and a direct joke at the Turn A’s…unique design.


Overall, this episode is a great reminder of Gundam Build Fighters at its best. It’s light, but the characters and robots are interesting. They do unique things with robots that could only ever be done by the Gundam franchise. And above else, the fights are good and fun to watch. For all the issues people might have with these kind of fanservice oriented episodes, Try proves it still has a lot of a heart and soul to it.


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