First Look: World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

break1bAlternative titles: Seiken Tsukai no Wārudo Bureiku
Light Novel Adaptation – what else would it be – by Diomedea
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Moroha is a new student at an academy for Saviors, individuals who summon memories from the past to fight beings called Metaphysicals. Since this isn’t the type of show where he’s the only male Savior, he’s got to be unique in some other way, so he gets a doable not-imouto and lascivious classmate packaged in! I’m also told there are other wish fulfillment reasons why hes unique but I don’t give a shit.

Marlin’s verdict: Generic In Its Terribleness

There are many things wrong with this show. In case my earlier lamentations on other LN adaptations haven’t been specific enough, here’s a rundown. Having the past versions of the heroines as literal damsels in distress is not cool. Having characters shout exclamations at every development is not funny. The male character saying a female character’s inane actions are debasing to women does not excuse you to have her further make actions debasing towards women. Having the main character automatically be great at fighting even though the experienced fighter explicitly states it took him TWO YEARS to get to that level does not make for good character development. Having things start in medias res is always a bit lazy, but at least that flash forward had everyone acting together and competently at that, which is what shocked me more than anything. Why can’t we have that in medias res story from the start? Why do we have to go through awful plotlines to get decent content? This first episode just seems to want to perpetuate the same misogynistic themes that already pervade the majority of Light Novel plots, and I refuse to stand for it.

break1aJel’s verdict: Why Did I Watch This

There’s such a long list of terrible things that Marlin has pretty much covered, I’m just going to add that the main girl’s stupid single twin tail hairstyle drove me crazier than any of it. Between that and the main guy’s random shock of white hair, it just struck me as a symptom of how desperate the creators are to make something original without putting any thought into it. Sorry, this show lost that battle about as badly as the main characters got beat by Axe Dude before main dude got his memory back. Please don’t watch this.

Iro’s verdict: Probably Crap

Firstly: that’s a garbage title, rivaling Riddle Story of Devil for stupid, unnecessary, roundabout word placement. Secondly: I was clicking randomly through this episode to make sure my video was working properly, and the first thing I spied was a twin-tailed girl shouting “I have lady parts too!”. I promptly closed the window and never looked back.


5 thoughts on “First Look: World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

    • You do know what matriarchy is right? I find that hard to believe. As I said, the flash forward actually seemed decent, it was the obvious power fantasy and sexual exploitation elements that made this episode terrible.

      • It might be show that sexualises females (I will not argue that) however, A female in these shows has the right to openly beat the hell out of him in the street, sexual assault him with no reparation, teat him as if an object and generally see males as lower than them.
        Matriarchy is the opposite patriarchy (forgive me give I could not find an opposite word misogynistic). A Female in a ruling or high power position.

        If we were to swap the genders you would find the way these males are treat very disgusting.
        guy:“I get abused by woman” then, “I’m superman!” these shows tend to be balanced.
        misogynistic: Hates woman

        I dislike the females in these shows because they are horrible bitchy jerks, even if you where to make them male I would still see them as bitchy jerks.
        Was the guy who wrote this rubbish a misogynistic? My answer: he clearly likes to sexualise the female body but, there is no real hint that he hates females.

        • But if that was the case, why doesn’t the hero make any objections to whats happening? In the entire motorboating scene he could have pushed himself away from her at any moment, but he didn’t. That’s because the scene is a power fantasy for a male perspective, that this woman is so enthralled with the placeholder protagonist that she would openly engage in (crudely) flirtatious acts with him. In the end, the two girls only cared what he thought of their sexual display, it wasn’t any kind of empowerment for them.

          I don’t think misogyny only extends to hate, it also is simply a prejudiced belief of women as objects or as lesser than men. Like the literal words of the protagonist, it is a view that debases women, and that’s exactly what happens.

          • thanks for you response ( I underestimate how nice bloggers are).

            I don’t believe that misogyny can be bent that way, but one to his own I guess (^_o patriarchy).

            I think the guy was too shocked to respond.

            Didn’t say I could prove this anime wasn’t
            misogynistic, I said it was possible to argue that the world they exist in are female dominated and give more freedoms to that gender (^-o would make for a fun debate).
            Male fantasy can be very strange at times.

            *shake hand*
            This was a topic that was fascinating me this month.

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