First Look: Unlimited Fafnir


Alternative titles: Juuou Mujin no Fafnir
Light Novel Adaptation by Diomedea
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Dragons have appeared on Earth and the only thing that can stop them are girls known as “D”, since they apparently have special powers or something. The world’s first male “D” is discovered and transferred to an all girls’ school for training. Naturally he kicks off his first day accidentally seeing one of the girls naked, only to be interrupted by the appearance of his long lost little sister. Kill me.

Jel’s verdict: This Show Sucks D

If The Testament of Sister New Devil was a dumpster fire of light novel clichés, Unlimited Fafnir covers whatever ground they missed. In this case their main play is the “only guy in a girls’ school” fantasy but we also have classics like the long lost imouto, uninspired magical weapons and creatures named from Greek and Norse mythology, and some rushed romantic tension between the boring main dude and the disturbingly huge eyed main girl that looks and sounds like a toddler with a stuffed bra. If I have anything positive to say I’d note that it wasn’t nearly as gross as it could have been. The fan service is pretty tame and with one exception the girls haven’t started throwing themselves at the protagonist… yet. But then you have to factor in the large amounts of awkward info dumping and the really lame character designs and Fafnir uses up any goodwill it had left. Seriously, I haven’t seen eyes that huge since Clannad. If you’d like to watch something akin to modern harem classic Infinite Stratos but without the solid art and personality – please note the poorly implied sarcasm here – go for it. Otherwise, stay away at all costs.

Gungnir: Anime's go-to mythological spear for slaying "enermies"

Marlin’s verdict: Not As Bad As That Sister Show At Least?

I think this season has finally broken me. I remember going through parts of this show and thinking “Huh, this isn’t actually that terrible for an LN adaptation.” Clearly though, that is definition of damning with faint praise. I was willing to overlook the naked encounter becayse it was an LN. OH HE’S THE ONLY MAN because it was an LN. I could get over the “hilarious” misunderstandings because it was an LN. I even got through the terrible exposition that was literally shoehorned even though both parties acknowledged they both knew what they were talking about instead of letting us know naturally. Because it was an LN. Even the small thing I liked, the cool powers each of the girls had, was ruined by a skeevy power up sequence that shows them all naked underneath their clothes. All of these things are just the classic hallmarks of all the things wrong with popular Light Novel titles, everything that has been terrible about the shows we’ve seen this season. What happened is I’ve seen it so often that I was trying to look for something, ANYTHING, that would be enjoyable. And I did. It just so happens I had to ignore almost the entire show to do so.

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