Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 15

parasyte15a Recap

Shinichi starts to track Parasytes, eventually finding one of their feeding grounds. After successfully defeating another Parasyte, he starts to feel overconfident about his abilities. The Parasyte Council, finally sick of his interloping, sends a team of Parasytes after him. Intelligent and sociable, this group is a dangerous threat. However, what is most frightening is they all inhabit the same body.

I’m glad we mostly abandoned the high school elements, as Parasyte is much better focused when it turns it eyes on well, the Parasytes. We’ve known about these feeding zones for a few episodes now, but they didn’t even try to find out how they were accomplishing this. Seeing it in action lets us get a better picture for how devious and resourceful the Council has become. His fight also makes another person declare Shinichi as some kind of inhuman being, something that is becoming quite tiring to hear. Not that the theme isn’t important, it’s just I would rather it be shown to us rather than told to us. Moments like his awkward attempt to say hi to Murano work leagues better than some random P.I. shouting about human frailty.

parasyte15bWhile Tamura’s influence made for a reasonable excuse for the lack of direct focus on Shinichi, I like that both parties finally understand his increasing threat. I do hope we get to see more of the interplay in this Parasyte Council. Seeing distrust already sewn amongst their ranks makes me hope we’ll see their next stage in mimiking human development, internal strife. Tamura already sees herself on the outside of this group, so I wonder how long she will allow herself to be prodded by the opposition before she rebels. Unfortunately, I feel their next move just seems too much like a normal shounen manga plot. We have a threat, what should we do? I know, send progressively stronger opponents at him alone, they should be powerful enough! You would think that if the Parasytes were smart, they would just rush Shinichi with the might of their collective force. I mean, they can always change their faces and still stay within their newly built community.

parasyte15cStill, Miki represents everything one should fear about the continued developments in Parasyte sociology. It also proves that there are those who can act more human than Tamura, almost no different than your average sociopath except he has blades for hands. Obviously ever since the Juggernaut’s reveal a few episodes back the hypothesis of a host with multiple Parasytes seemed like a likely possibility. Seeing this combined with a highly intelligent brain was everything needed to really raise the stakes for Shinichi and Migi, who thusfar has still dispatched no-name Parasytes with relative ease. I wonder how exactly they will be able to face these odds now that it’s now two minds against three.

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