Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 20



The duel between the two students of the Jigen Haoh school reaches its end. Punches are thrown and gibberish is shouted, all culminating in a roaring conclusion.

Gee’s Thoughts

In a turn of highly satisfying events, turns out last week’s excellent robot fighting was a prelude to something distinctly different, yet equally fun to watch. Junya’s ability to head off Sekai at every pass and continue laying the beatdown was a joy to watch, especially in part because of his reliance on time-tested martial arts techniques instead of Sekai’s brand of shonen-based shout magic. And yet, Sekai wasn’t bad this week either. It’s always been a careful balance for me, as a mecha fan. While I am somewhat loathe to use the terms “Real” and “Super,” they are an undeniable aspect of the mecha zeitgeist. As much as I love the likes of 08th MS Team, G Gundam is easily one of my favorites in the franchise. There’s a pure passion in the climactic finale of Sekai and Junya’s battle. The final attack was absolutely bonkers, but in an entirely good way, harkening to the original Burning/God Gundam’s Erupting Burning Finger. The return of the original Gundam Build Fighters theme was also a nice touch, though it does remind me that Try’s OST is a pale imitation of the original’s.


The fights ends exactly as you would expect, and the post-fight scenes are equally in line with the kind of children’s anime tropes that come with the territory. Junya is magically no longer a violent psychopathic asshole after being beaten by the good guys. Turns out Domon is just really bad at basic communication with his students. And with that, we lose our last possible connection to Sekai’s bizarre past. I realize that perhaps we’ll never know the true identity of Sekai’s master, but I’m still holding out hope we’ll get something before this show is over.


Alas, the final part of this week’s episode does not hold up to scrutiny. Lucas Nemesis finally reveals his Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth to the world, and goddamn is it a sight to see. Too bad that’s literally all we get. It’s the Zaku jobbers’ last match and supposedly the debut of the Crossbone. What should have been an amazing fight to the finish and a terrifying display of the Crossbone’s power, is instead a tremendous disappointment wasted potential. The fight cutting out right before the good part was unforgivable, especially considering it’ll be facing off against the Gunpla Academy next week. No one in their right mind thinks the Crossbone is going to win that fight, and it’s immensely depressing to know that its animated debut is going to end in defeat. Yes, animated debut. The original Crossbone has literally never been animated in the history of the franchise. This should be a historic moment. Instead it’s a huge setup with zero payoff. I can only hope that next week’s fight will at least be a good one, even if the Crossbone is going to get destroyed by plot.

2 thoughts on “Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 20

  1. You know they are going to show the crossbones fight against the zakus at the beginning of next episode . This type of stuff always happens.

    • I entertained that idea and I really hope you’re right. I’ve watched far too many mecha anime that hyped up a big fight only to resolve it offscreen. Considering Try overall has had far less thought put into it than the first season, Sunrise cutting corners wouldn’t surprise me at all.

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