Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 20


parasyte20a Recap

The police try to keep things in order, but human error makes the situation quickly devolve into martial law. On the hunt for Parasytes, the protection of civilians is a secondary concern. Two groups find Gotou, and his invincibility is once again put to the test.

Absolute brutality, that is certainly the theme of this week’s episode as the police escalate their crackdown of Parasyte headquarters. Despite all the preparation, all the controlled environments, the police are not dealing with rabid animals here. Quickly we see the Parasyte’s ability to think on the fly being just as cunning as the police, and the heat of the moment quickly erodes the sterile environment they wished to keep.

parasyte20eIt’s pretty obvious the big theme of this arc is the true nature of humanity. While Shinichi has made much attempts to describe why he feels humans are above the Parasytes because of their altruism, this clear example of acceptable losses by the police brings back the question of what makes a monster. Our emotionless captain shows we clearly have no qualms killing innocent people as long as there is a justifiable reason, here eliminating the Parasytes. On the more chaotic side, the killer is just happy seeing people fall, Parasyte or not, and quickly makes the situation worse than it needs to be. At the end of the day, the Parasytes are still monsters, but how far can this fight be taken before they become the monsters?

parasyte20dGotou has already been an incredibly effective force since his introduction at the mid season. With every instance his power seems to grow ever stronger. As a Tamura-like Parasyte, his ability to recognize the potential of observing the police’s battle strategy in order to turn it against them is brilliant. While it required a bit of an idiot ball on the squad’s part to just follow this clearly adversarial man, something tells me if they were in the hallway the situation would have been no different. With shotguns not even slowing him down, is there really a way to stop him? I’m excited to see how Parasyte deals with such an oppressively powerful foe, as with their combined smarts as their only trump card, Shinichi and Migi’s chances still seem slim to none.

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