Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 25 and Final Thoughts

Weeks after the U-19 Championship match, our heroes attend the Meijin Cup Contest. For the first time in perhaps Try’s entire run, it finally remembers what made Gundam Build Fighters so good in the first place. Gunpla addicts Gee and Iro share their thoughts about the sequel to the hottest toy commercial of 2014, and why exactly it failed to live up to those expectations.

The Roundup: Winter 2015 Volume 10

More death and tragedy all over the place as Garo, Death Parade, Yatterman, and Yurikuma continue to deny us happiness. Fortunately Shirobako delivers the best episode of the season, but even that makes us shed a tear for completely different reasons.

The Roundup: Winter 2015 Volume 9

 In this week’s installment… We are getting near the end of the season which means plot twists and big reveals all over the place. Garo, Death Parade, and Yatterman give away a few secrets, plus Jel puts his entire writing career in jeopardy by quoting the Spice Girls.

The Roundup: Winter 2015 Volume 8

Set your fun levels to ZERO as Death Parade brutally concludes its two part murder mystery, Yatterman reminds you that your childhood heroes are dead, and both Maria and Yurikuma throw in a few rape attempts to round things out. Good times!

The Roundup: Winter 2015 Volume 7

Shirobako somehow makes a character worse than Tarou, Death Parade delivers the crime drama no one wanted, and KUMA SHOOOCK!! We catch up on Yurikuma Arashi during its week off. Yes, I just wanted to say KUMA SHOOOCK!! again. Shabadado.

Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 19

Sekai’s former classmate of the Jigen Haoh school, Junya, reveals himself to be Team Try Fighter’s next opponent. After years of training in a variety of other martial arts, he’s returned to destroy Sekai…in gunpla battle.

The Half Time Show, Winter 2015

The smell of hot dogs, the noise of conversation and the occasional person dancing past in a shark costume. That’s right, it’s the half time show! The Glorio Rabble have put their heads together to let you know what’s worth your valuable time, in a world where first episodes are high budget and mid-season turns filler if left out in the sun too long. Want something cool to watch? Pick something from near the top, simple as that.

Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 18

Team SD-R’s stupid looking dragon thing proves to be a formidable opponent. When even Sekai’s ridiculous martial arts antics aren’t enough to win the day, it may be time for Fumina to showcase the Star Winning’s secret weapon…

The Roundup: Winter 2015 Volume 4

Shoooooock! (kuma shock)… I’ve been waiting all season to slip that in and finally get my chance as Yurikuma Arashi guest stars in the Roundup this week. As one show enters, we also have our second drop of the season. What could it possibly be???

Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 17

This week, Team Try Fighters faces Team SD-R, the creepy triplets known for their shrewd tactics and ruthless traps. Presented with an obvious trap that could be easily mitigated by the demonstrated abilities of our heroes, they decide to do the dumbest possible thing anyway.