Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 19



Sekai’s former classmate of the Jigen Haoh school, Junya, reveals himself to be Team Try Fighter’s next opponent. After years of training in a variety of other martial arts, he’s returned to destroy Sekai…in gunpla battle.

So as everyone predicted, the random goons who tried to jump Yuuma were hired(?) by Junya, the ever-sneering shady fellow we’ve seen pop up from time to time. Apparently he’s got some real beef with Sekai, especially after seeing his giant flaming phoenix attack. Initially I was kind of put-off by the idea of Domon Kasshu taking in such an angry jackass as a student, but then I remembered that Domon was also a raging jerk for a good portion of G Gundam. And yes, I know that it hasn’t been officially revealed, but if that silhouette isn’t the winner of the the 13th World Gundam Fight, Sunrise better have a good as hell excuse for who else it might be.

The setup to the fight is your bog-standard Shonen tropes. Junya was Sekai’s inspiration and fellow partner in training, only to fall from grace sometime down the line. Now he’s your regular power hungry arrogant martial arts villain. And of course in a turn of events that has been established by generations of Japanese children’s television, he’s decided that the most logical way of beating his fellow martial artist Sekai is through gunpla battle. You know, instead of a fighting tournament or something.


Don’t take that as an indication of the quality of the fight though. It seems Try remembered that while it can be fun from time to time to have two dudes shouting attack names at each other while trading blows, the best fights are the ones that feel like a natural extension of conflict itself. Junya and his surprisingly well-built Denial Gundam brought some real fun to the table, especially when the martial arts got brought out. Special shoutout to the surprise Dempsey Roll, which managed to be one of the biggest highlights of the episode.


I suppose its nature as a kid’s show means that Try can’t afford to have fights like these all the time. After all, what does a child know of fighting styles and techniques? It’s much easier to communicate fighting through shouting and laser beams, as Dragonball Z proved decades ago. Still, its a shame that episodes like these are highlights specifically because they’re so rare. It’s all the more noticeable when you compare it to the beginning of the fight, which was literally mirrored stock footage with a lot of shouting over it. It didn’t look great and it wasn’t that fun to watch. Meanwhile, things got immensely more interesting once it just became punches and kicks. With both Sekai and Junya revealing their respective gunpla’s super modes, I fear things are going to return to our regularly scheduled shouting and beam spamming. Still, the pure good fight was fun while it lasted.

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