The Rolling Girls Episode 8


Misa is returned to Kyoto unharmed, and still plans to go through with the concert. Hearing this, Mamechiyo steals her stone and throws it into a river. A quick guilt trip by Nozomi reveals the friendship the two once had. Over at Mt. Oe, Ai accidentally launches the buddah missile barrage as the concert starts in full swing.

I will admit, the girls finally did their fair share to actually get involved in this country’s problems. It is in these moments of weakness in the Best’s character that show the strength of the girls as normal people. These two grown women had forgotten what had made their relationship so strong, and their pride prevented them from overcoming the misunderstandings that would have made things easier from the get go. Once again, this show seems to prove that the adults of the world are far from perfect, and sometimes they need to be reminded where their priorities should really be.

rollinggirls_s01e08_2Revealing Kuranosuke was the person I was most interested in after this episode. Before now, we just assumed he was an agent of a greater power, with only the ability to make deals. All that changes now that we know he’s a Best in his own right. Even more intriguing was the fact that the gathered Moonlight Stones did not stay in Mt. Oe in the first place. Considering the Takumi’s involvement in the missiles, does this mean they’ve been trying to gather stones all this time as well? Revealing him as the missing member of the Hammers was a bit strange, but it made his awesome cart-surfing entrance immensely satisfying. I wish we knew more about his backstory, as his abilities and experience are much more intriguing than anything the girls have to offer, honestly.

rollinggirls_s01e08_1The finale certainly made up for some of the quality complaints from last episode. It’s clear that when Bests are fighting, Wit can really bring their A game. The entire missile barrage sequence was exciting, with the colorful and beautiful artwork from the first few episodes back in full swing. Its climax was heartwarming, but it did make me realize something. While these two episode arcs have worked out for the most part, I still feel like the experience would be better as a whole if we got more time to learn about these places and their people. At least things seem to be getting better from here.

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