Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 21


Hirokawa reveals his reasons for creating his Parasyte haven, and his final secret is revealed. Meanwhile, Gotou is still on the rampage, and eventually finds his way to Shinichi. Weakened from taking down the many exterminator squads, he decides to retreat, but not before giving Shinichi a clear threat. Starting to struggle with paranoia, Shinchi finds consolation in the arms of Murano.

So we finally see what Hirokawa’s deal was. Gee pointed out an interesting thought as we listened to his monologue: far too often it seems like anime villains are basically ecoterrorists, out to destroy humanity in order to “restore the balance of nature” or something similar. Yes, we find out the big reveal this week is that he was human all along. I’m not quite sure how he expected his Parasyte Coven plan to spread far enough to actually have an effect on the world’s human population, but it never seemed like his ideas were meant to be taken seriously in the first place. No sooner do the police pump him full of lead is his true identity revealed. This may be another case of the show having to cut scenes for time, but it just seemed so anticlimactic for a man whose efforts we really hadn’t seen much of throughout the series’ run.

parasyte21copperWe always knew Gotou would be the final boss of this show, and now as the last of the Parasyte Coven it really has the tangible feeling of a final showdown. Gotou has been so effectively set up that he has more weight and menace than any shounen villain I’ve ever known. I think it’s the fact that he’s almost like a Dragon Ball Z character occupying a normal world that makes him so intimidating. In a normal show, where the main character has a suite of superpowers and can always power them up, it always feels inevitable that he’ll be able to trump the bad guy. Here, we know Migi and Shinichi’s limitations. They’ve shown about how far their Parasyte powers can go. The only way I can see them beating Gotou is either getting full police cooperation, or doing something drastic. Perhaps, something that might end both of their lives.

parasyte21bowchickawowowI’m usually not a huge fan of how sex used as character development in American media. However, it’s such a rarely used trope in anime that it was quite a surprise to see the anime go all the way with this scene. It was very tasteful for a medium that loves to oversexualize every detail of its production. Instead, we see a close moment between two lovers. Shinichi needed something to take his mind off of his justified paranoia, and since this relationship had been building since the very beginning of the show it never feels cheap or rushed. I’m only worried now that by relying on Murano, Shinichi has put her into harm’s way. With Gotou still a real tangible threat, it’s hard to think of any place as safe from his vengeance.

2 thoughts on “Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 21

  1. Hasn’t it been mentioned that Parasyte can be killed by missiles, nukes and some other weapons with a really crazy firepower? Maybe Gotou can be killed with those, pretty drastic measures though.

    • Well yes, but I feel like gotou isn’t so much of a problem that the government would be willing to take out a whole town just to get him. He’s primarily Shinichi’s problem now.

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