Durarara!! x2 Episode 9


Shizuo’s been framed for beating up some yakuza dudes, which isn’t helped by Akane also being the daughter of a third yakuza group. Combine that with the Toramaru gang waging war on the Dollars, Varona hunting Celty, and Aoba taking advantage of the situation to strongarm Mikado…

Iro’s thoughts

This week was one big clusterfuck of clashing priorities and confusing mixups, and one might say that this is when Durarara!! is at its best. Let’s attempt to sort this all out, shall we?

  • Izaya convinced Akane to attack Shizuo, leading Shizuo to get framed (by Izaya) for beating up some yakuza dudes.
  • Aoba and the Blue Squares attacked the Toramaru gang while posing as the Dollars, and now Toramaru are out for revenge.
  • Aoba wants Mikado to become the new boss of the Blue Squares and loudly claims that he’s totally following Mikado’s orders, you guys.
  • Shiki misunderstands that Shizuo kidnapped Akane. Thanks, Shinra!
  • Toramaru guys are after “the kid” (Mikado) but yakuza dudes think they mean “the kid” (Akane). Fight ensues.
  • Celty’s driving Mikado, Anri, and Akane around in a giant horse-drawn carriage. Varona’s after all of them except Mikado for various reasons.
  • Izaya has impersonated Masaomi in the chatroom at least once to manipulate Mikado. He also deleted the chat logs to hide the evidence.


Is that everything? Please tell me that’s everything. I can barely keep track of it in my own head. I suppose the chief thing to take away from all of this is that Izaya’s a massive piece of shit and is once again behind it all. Except for the things that Aoba is behind? Agh, dammit. Baccano! had all of its plots going on at the same time and it wasn’t as hard to follow as this.

At any rate, it’s nice to see DRRR!! back on its feet after the past two weeks; the animation is noticeably better than the past few weeks (by which I mean it’s returned to normal Shuka levels, which still aren’t all that impressive) and as noted, the plot’s returned to the same sort of crazy ruckus that Ryohgo Narita is known for. There are multiple characters running around all wanting different (and sometimes the same) things for different reasons, and all of their paths are set to crash into each other for one hell of a pile-up.


Random observations

  • That one anime-original girl from the first episode or two of Season 1 made a quick cameo this episode. Nice to see she’s still living a relatively normal life.
  • That one shark-faced yakuza dude has to be a chimera or something, right? Surely they exist in the Narita-verse.
  • The old ladies cleaning up the busted yakuza room mention that the Awakusu boss has been taking care of them since they were young. Assuming they mean the guy shown this episode, is he an immortal, or do they just mean that particular yakuza group?
  • Shizuo’s got a hell of a lot more self-control this season, considering he hasn’t been beating up anyone who doesn’t deserve it.
  • Like a month late on this one, but apparently they cut a Baccano! reference out of an earlier episode. Boo.

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