Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 22


Shinichi barely gets to enjoy his afterglow before being put on the run by Gotou. Using their heads and resorting to extreme measures, they still fail to bring him down. Battered and beaten, Shinichi escapes to a rural village. While Gotou continues to search, the livelihood of the villagers is put at risk.

Parasyte has outdone itself once again. I thought it would be hard pressed to top the first fight the pair had with Gotou, but this showed just how desperate our heroes have become. Their quick thinking and guerrilla tactics almost makes you think they might come out on top, but we are quickly reminded just why Gotou was so feared. Who else would notice a car’s about to fall on him, let alone get out of it unscathed? The use of tree branches to spread the Parasyte signal is also something I’d never thought of before, and Migi’s mimic trick was not something I was expecting. It’s interesting to see the fire theory actually pay off, at this point it seems the only way to get him would be to cover him with gasoline or something. Even with all their well thought out plans, it just was never enough.

parasyte22migiIt shows the great strength of Parasyte’s writing that Migi’s death was so powerful. Despite being such an abrupt scene, it carried all the weight necessary. We’ve come to know Migi so well over these past few months. To see him go from a calculating monster to eventually eliciting human reactions was fascinating. I think it’s very interesting to know through the Gotou fight that Migi could imitate any voice he wanted. It showed that by that point, he found his regular voice as part of his own personality. By the end, I didn’t think of Migi as an “other”, he was just as critical to Shinichi’s story as Shinichi himself, and it is in his sacrifice that we see he became all too human.

parasyte22grannyThe village seemed like quite the anticlimax after all that happened in the first act of this episode. To see him go from losing his closest friend to becoming the surrogate nephew for some old lady was just strange. I suppose it helped to have Shinichi collect his thoughts, but I question why we needed this outward look. By the end, we have her lecturing him like he’s some normal shounen hero. He’s a boy that has now had to see two people he cared about die before him, he understands the stakes. The animation for the old lady just seemed off too, with her mouth being about three times the size of a normal person’s. I’m very confused at what the stub of Migi means for this fight, but no matter what, Shinichi is at a massive disadvantage. This show has only gotten better with time, so I have high hopes that its final chapter will continue to impress.


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