Sound! Euphonium Episode 3


“The First Ensemble”

Tuesdays at 1:00 pm EDT on Crunchyroll

The band starts breaking into parts, but not everyone is taking practice seriously. Their new conductor realizes this, and gives them a harsh ultimatum before giving his assistance.

Marlin’s thoughts

Well this episode was a bit tough to watch. It was clear there were some endemic problems with the band from the first few episodes, but this one goes into excruciating detail to show how dysfunctional it all really is. I suppose it is part of an inherent problem of some of these kids starting out straight from high school. In America, you would ideally have four years of experience under your belt before going into high school, whereas some of the kids in this show probably wouldn’t be able to compete with 11 year old me in dueling Hot Cross Buns. Adding to that, it’s clear some people simply don’t care. What Aoi said last episode was right on the mark, put under the spotlight they might say they want to go for the Nationals, but their true feelings come out in practice.

euph3cI’m glad we have the ultimatum come so soon from the new teacher. I’ve had conductors like him, and they definitely can be effective with the right kind of people. His tough-but-fair take on teaching was really respectable when most advisors in anime are just vehicles for dumb jokes or fanservice. I wonder how many people will fall off of the band after that kind of harsh treatment. At this point I feel bad for the President the most. You can tell she does legitimately want the band to be better, but she seems to have no power to get people to work harder. As the president I wouldn’t be surprised if she feels all of these problems are her fault. I can’t imagine these kids could possibly grow to the level where they can actually compete in nationals, so I wonder if this will become a multi-year story. As much as I’d hate to lose Asuka, the changes that happen when the old guard graduates is an integral part of the band experience.

euph3dIt’s with these heavier themes that I don’t see where Hazuki or Sapphire fit in. I suppose Sapphire as the experienced musician might have more of a part to play in repairing the band, but Hazuki’s physical comedy seems almost out of place in this kind of environment. I would be impressed if her lackadaisical attitude might come into conflict with the others in the main pair, actually having some conflict in the main characters would be a good way of convincing us they have some agency. Something tells me that’s asking for a bit too much, though. I’m also still confused as to how Reina gets inserted into the plot at this point. She fired off a nice inspirational shot, but she’s still nothing but an acquaintance. It’s make it or break it for me, the way the characters handle this will determine whether I stay engaged with this show.


One thought on “Sound! Euphonium Episode 3

  1. I think I can safely say after UBW, this is probably my most anticipated show every week. I was so bloody lucky my seniors actually gave a shit about tonal quality and our conductor was a grizzly no-nonsense state symphony conductor who for reasons I never found out, decided to coach our high school band.

    We could have so easily swung into the “it’s too much work” route rather than the “practice until you can play the music without the score” route. I actually hauled my tuba back home for more practice simply because of that atmosphere.

    And while I know not how this story will end, I can say at least in my experience, my years in the school band were the most enjoyable years of my high school life. Joy from accomplishing something after hard work is far better than simply goofing around.

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