Blood Blockade Battlefront Episode 6

bbb6b “Don’t Forget to Don’t Forget Me”

Saturdays 2:28 pm EST on Funimation

Leo meets an odd mushroom man named Nej. His distaste towards human’s views on Beyondians leads him to befriend the strange burger lover. After getting put into the hospital again, he meets White’s brother, the King of Despair, but acting differently from before.

Marlin‘s Thoughts

This week it looks like BBB decided to turn inwards, and have Leo contemplate what it means for there to be a human/Beyondian class divide. Like all immigrants before them, the Beyondians seem to be relegated to the worst parts of town and are treated with disdain. In all honesty, it’s much easier to dehumanize something that was never human to begin with. The idea of non-human sentience brings up a whole lot of questions of the place race has in culture. Leo obviously takes offense to this, and the awkward friendship between Nej and him is born. As an aside, this show has already knocked it out of the park with faithful American references, but I particularly enjoyed how this entire episode was brought to you by Johnny Rockets.


Nej’s story is gently tragic. While sometimes it can be a lot more painful to have memories than to have forgotten, there are important things in his life that are obviously gone now. We have no idea how he gets along, but his attitude towards Leo seems to show that he rarely is treated fairly by the people around him. It’s through the human antagonists in this episode that we see true inhumanity is dictated by actions, not being. Their attitude towards Nej is a microcosm of how humans regard their new neighbors. It makes the climax that much more satisfying after the punks kidnap and torture an innocent creature for their own gain only to be hoisted by their own petard.


The end of this episode is a real gut punch, showing that Nej might be doomed to repeat this cycle with anyone that tries to get close to him. As the audience, we’re the only ones in the know, it’s only through our acknowledgement that this sense of dramatic irony is achieved. One thing I really loved about the scene in the hospital was Zapp. The guy is outwardly callous, but in that scene you could see some genuine concern for Leo as he brings him up to speed. While this was a Leo focused episode, it still let us see another side to the other team members. The final scene with Black and White was also pretty adorable, as it was the very picture of bringing the boyfriend home. Awkward conversation, bonding over insulting your significant other, you know the usual. Obviously if we’re supposed to run off the Twins reference here, Black must have been genetically designed for some evil purpose, one that White failed to replicate.

7 thoughts on “Blood Blockade Battlefront Episode 6

  1. This is actually episode six, thought that I would let you know.

    I have to agree that this chapter is a tear jerker. I know exactly how humans are like, and seeing the general attitudes towards Nej still tugs at my heart strings because he is one of the more nicer and harmless Beyondians and people discriminate against him because they CAN.

    This was an extremely bittersweet episode. The bad guys are drooling vegetables (and will probably remain) that way, but Nej and Leo forget all the good times they spent together and their friendship. But while they forget one another, they still become friends.

    I’m glad to know that I wasn’t the only one who saw the concern on Zapp’s face. He actually look worried, probably because Leo was involved in something that erased a good portion of his memories. I’m sure Libra suspected something was up since the doctors would probably let them know he was hit in the head twice by a baseball bat… plus, there was a large puddle of blood by Leo’s head. And I’m sure that there was a bit of Leo’s blood on the bat too.

    And Nej shows obvious signs of being beaten too.

    Good review. Looking forward to your next one.

    • Haha, sorry about that. Since I was taking over for Jel, I copied one of his previous posts and forgot to change the episode number.

      Glad you liked it otherwise, you can definitely tell BBB is a cut above your average show when a single facial expression can say more than all the hot air the average LN title blows around these days.

      • “LN”? Oh, Light Novel?

        The music was the best. Particularly during that dramatic scene of those two assholes beating up Nej so they can exploit his defense mechanism? How did they find Nej, anyways? Did they follow Leo around hoping he would lead them to the Beyondian?

        • The one guy might have found out where he lived when they were giving him burgers, either that or they did just follow Leo. Leo wasn’t being very discreet about the fact he was looking for Nej.

          • I would say the latter. The guy beaned Leo in the head about a couple of minutes after he found Nej. And I think they would know the face of the guy who cheated them out of quick cash.

            And Leo WAS running around every where asking people for Nej. But then again, I don’t think he suspected anyone else knew about Nej’s defense mechanism and wanted to exploit it since he probably thought all the witnesses dropped unconscious with amnesia.

    • I’d say it’s already way more serious than triguns start. The good comes with the bad, and the lighter comedic bits have gone hand in hand with more serious topics in a way that has gelled exceptionally well.

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