First Look: Noragami Aragoto


Manga Adaptation by Bones
Streaming on Funimation


Noragami is back as Yato, Hiyori, and Yukine have returned to their casual phantom-busting lifestyle. Bishamon is more determined to kill Yato than ever though, even as the weight of her large household of spirits is beginning to take its toll.

Jel’s verdict: God of Consistency

Noragami is one of those shows that isn’t going to necessarily blow you away every week but you can guarantee it will be a high level of quality. It’s just solid. That seems to be the case with the second season, if not moreso. My main complaint about season 1 was the fact that it ends just as the characters and their situation settles in, so now that we can jump right into the adventures of Yato, Hiyori, and company without any further explanation I’m really looking forward to just enjoying our time with them.  The quick one off scene with the baby phantom was a good way to remind us of where we left off without spending too much time re-explaining things.

That said I am a bit wary of the direction the plot is headed as I don’t find Bishamon to be particularly interesting, even though they are trying their hardest to make us feel ambivalent about her as the “villain”. Especially after the silly OVA’s I’d have a hard time believing she is an actual threat. Of course I realize they strongly imply she’s not the true villain, but even so I think I’d prefer more hanging out with the main cast. Hopefully the show won’t forget that great chemistry they have going with Yato, Hiyori, and Yukine as that is what really elevates Noragami above the competition.


Artemis’ verdict: Welcome Back

The premiere of the second season of Noragami reminded me just how much I enjoyed this show, in large part thanks to its undeniable style. Things seem back in full swing now with another rocking OP, that same striking artwork, and a story arc that wastes little time in getting started. It’s only been about a year and a half since season one – less if you count those OVAs – so I didn’t really feel like I needed too much of a re-introduction, and thankfully the new storyline is already set up and ready to go. My only issue at this point is with that pesky fanservice, because Bishamon’s ill-fitting bikini top is just silly, and do we really need to see any more panty shots from Hiyori? In general, Noragami feels like a much better show than that, so it’s all the more disappointing when it dips to these levels of immaturity. That said, the fanservice mostly isn’t bad enough to really bug me, so I’m willing to let the odd moments of stupidity slide in favour of what’s otherwise a really solid and entertaining title.

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