First Look: One Punch Man


Alternative titles: WanPanMan
Manga by Madhouse
Streaming on Daisuki


Saitama is a hero who has gained the ultimate ability to defeat anything in one punch, but the resulting ease of his heroic hobby has left him bored and disillusioned.

Iro’s verdict: Rad

I did this for Random Manga Theatre ages ago, and I knew then it was only a matter of time until it got an anime adaptation; it was only a question of how well-made said adaptation would be, and this premiere has assuaged most of my fears. The voice work is spot-on, and the staff seems to know to stick the budget where it counts. The true tests are still a few weeks away, however, and we’ll see if One Punch Man can stand up to some of Murata’s infamous gif-able chapters. As things stand, I have faith it can.


Zigg’s verdict: Packing A Punch

Obviously this has been the most anticipated show of this season, but I still found myself delighted by what I saw. The main thing I really enjoyed about it is that, contrary to the bombastic presentation and earth-shattering battles (which are both still very cool of course), there’s a sly, subversive sense of humour at play here. The show walks the line between straight action show, character piece and goofy comedy very well and offers plenty of meat to chew on no matter which facet of its personality you’re interested in. The scratchy animation, heaps of cartoonish gore and dumb jokes give it a lovely old-school feel and Madhouse are on the top of their game with their animation work. Definitely worthy of the hype so far.

Euri’s verdict: The Superhero We Need

What a fantastic first episode! The comic timing of the skits in this show have been impeccable so far, and I can only hope that it lasts the full season. One Punch Man also reminds me a lot of Astro Fighter Sunred, only with some action to go with the mopey superhero. A contender for anime of the season (and OP of the season) without a doubt.


Gee’s verdict: A Strong Jab

As a fan of Yusuke Murata’s masterfully illustrated adaptation of the original webcomic, I knew I was going into the One Punch Man anime with expectations beyond anything that could be realistically met. So when I say that it wasn’t everything I hoped it would be, that’s because the only way it ever could have would be if they had actually hired Murata as a key animator. The anime works best as the surreal comedy it originally was, with absurd moments that are nearly interchangable with the likes of Inferno Cop or Ninja Slayer.

When the action gets moving though, things falter a bit. From an animation standpoint, I’d call the first half notably adequate. It accomplished its task, but I was left hungry for more. Thankfully, the fight in the second half proved to use its medium’s strengths far better. The question now is if One Punch Man can maintain the momentum or if Madhouse even has the budget to keep this going. I certainly hope so, but even if the One Punch Man anime ends up failing as an action show, at least we have a great comedy to look forward to.


3 thoughts on “First Look: One Punch Man

  1. “A contender for anime of the season”/……Already?!?!?!?!?
    It was very very good, and loads of fun to watch. The animation, going from crisp to elongated, to just plain budget was really a great touch. Our main protag is mint as well. Poor bastard lost his hair training. ROFL

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