Comet Lucifer: Episode 3


“Garden Indigo”

Sundays at 10:00 am EST on Crunchyroll

Sogo, Kaon, Felicia, and Moura are thrown out for causing trouble and decide to have a day on the town. Unfortunately, their fun is about to be ruined by a mysterious lolicon troublemaker.

Zigg’s thoughts

I think pretty much everyone was expecting Comet Lucifer‘s cast to launch off for parts unknown this episode because, well, that’s what this kind of show typically does. However, for the first time Lucifer bucks expectations and instead we get a delightfully low-key homecoming episode that gives the production team a chance to show off the rather charming setting they’ve crafted for their story. Yes, there’s some danger involved, but the threat is minor and it’s mostly played for comedy value. This is essentially a slice of life episode, but one infused with nice nuggets of sci-fi lore and a few glimpses into the ongoing story. Together, that makes for a very entertaining package.


To me at least the highlight of the episode is definitely Sogo and Moura’s continued descent into sitcom arch-enemies. It’s very simple characterisation, combined with some robust physical comedy, but it’s really delightful, helping us get a bit of an insight into Felia’s robot protector and giving him real character development while keeping the interplay spiky and entertaining. As I mentioned last episode, Inori Minase’s voice acting as Moura is delightfully obnoxious and we get a great payoff as Moura finally gets to transform and kick ass. With the odd symbiotic relationship between the two of them revealed, there’s plenty of opportunity for sparks to fly further and that’s something I’m very much looking forward to.

Felia also gets some good character work in in this episode, although it starts a little shakily. In particular, Moura’s brief monologue about Felia’s true nature seems like something you’d save for a dramatic revelation rather than chucking in as the setup for a throwaway smash cut joke. That is somewhat mitigated however by the fact that it’s so vague that it doesn’t really tell us much. I guess she’s some sort of natural spirit, an embodiment of the planet’s will, but that’s super generic and very broad, so there’s still some mystery to uncover. Felia herself comes off very well in this episode in my opinion. She can still be a touch on the annoying side (largely due to Ayaka Ohashi’s very shrill performance) but at least this episode convinces me that she’s going to be treated as an actual child, rather than the bizarre and creepy baby-women we get so often in anime. Her infatuation with the cat pigeon is silly and charming, and the script does a good job of showing how her power can be both dangerous and uncontrolled (the incident in the square) but also helpful and heroic (saving Sogo and Kaon from the falling cable car). She’s gradually opening up to the audience, which is exactly the kind of slow-burn that mysterious characters need, so good on the writers for taking a character who could have easily been a fanservice hanger on and making her intriguing.


Finally there’s the introduction of our third major antagonist (as shamelessly spoiled in the opening), Alfried Macallan (perhaps an attempt at ‘McClellan’?). In keeping with the light-hearted tone of this episode, he’s pretty much a comedy enemy for most of it. That’s not helped by his over-exaggerated leering over Felia, which might be an attempt at genuine creepiness but mostly fall into outright over the top camp. Still, his ability of ‘magical hacking’ does make for a series of exciting action scenes. It’s going to be interesting to see how he blends with the seemingly more serious minded Gus and Pack.

Those minor quibbles aside, I felt this was a strong, highly enjoyable episode of Comet Lucifer. It was definitely more concerned about in the moment entertainment than moving the plot on in big ways, but it made for a charming twenty minutes and an episode that I really felt was well worth my time.


Random observations

  • Perhaps my favourite moment in this episode is Moura insisting he’s cuter than the cat pigeon plushy. He’s so indignant!
  • 8 Bit have clearly been doing their best to create a lush sci-fi world on a visibly limited budget, but the shot of the CG cat pigeons flying away over the city is still one of the most terrible pieces of footage I’ve ever seen in an anime.
  • Roman’s barely 30 second cameo is amazing.
  • How old is Pack meant to be if he’s allowed to drive?
  • Alfried reminds me a lot of Brain from Kamen Rider Drive, as they’re both evil tech geniuses who cannot stop mugging for the camera.

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