Noragami Aragoto Episode 3

aragoto3b“False Bond”

Fridays at 1:05 pm EST on Funimation

After learning of Suzuha’s fate, Yukki becomes inconsolable at the manor of Bishamon. By protecting him, Kazuma becomes banished. With Yukki’s damaged mental state draining Yato’s energy, he is left wide open to attack.

 I was not expecting the HiyorixYato development to be so forward in this show. The way I always understood it, both of them are in denial, so having them blush up now makes things interesting. Will they ever go anywhere with this? Hiyori is still a teenager and Yato is a centuries-old god, so there’s no way you can slice it where it doesn’t seem a little creepy. Despite that, they continued to have some great chemistry both in life and battle. You can see how they care for each other by their actions as much as their words. In the same way you can see Bishamon’s disconnect with the people she is supposed to care for. With the strain she has put herself through she barely has time to form proper conversations.aragoto3dYukki’s monologue was a bit contrived, but it seemed that through it we see just how shallow Bishamon is in a completely different direction than Yukki intended. Rather than being callous, she simply is good hearted without the foresight to see where her bleeding heart is a liability. She doesn’t want to abandon these souls, but she also doesn’t have the mental resources to give them all the attention they need. At the same time, these Regalia are kind of selfish. They get to live again. What’s more, they get to live with a multitude of people who won’t forget them. Why should they have any reason to be sad when they live in a friggin mansion with all the imaginary nonsense they could ever want? I know that this show is clearly trying to focus on the emotional needs of the Shinki, but it’s a point worth mentioning.

aragoto3eNoragami doesn’t seem to be wasting any time getting into the action. After a few episodes of good set-up we finally get our first clash between Yato and the malignant elements in Bishamon’s cadre. While it was a fun fight to look at I could only come out of that fight a little disappointed nothing came of the Scourged Staff. Showing that there was a non-Shinki way of fighting beings from the Far Shore had my hopes up that Hiyori might finally be able to go toe-to-toe with the things that have been continuously threatening Yato. I would really hate for her to just become a recurring damsel in distress after all the pluck and self-sufficiency she’s shown so far. Still, Kuguha has shown himself to be a competent villain. I’m hoping things will only ramp up from here.


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