One-Punch Man: Episode 3


“The Obsessive Scientist”

Mondays on Daisuki

Our heroes infiltrate the House of Evolution and battle its greatest threat: Carnage Kabuto.

Iro’s thoughts

Not many shows speak for themselves as well as One-Punch Man. I assume if you’re reading this, you’ve already seen the episode, right? I don’t want to just recap it, since that’s just a waste of everyone’s time. On the other hand, my reactions tend towards, “Yep, that was cool like the manga,” and Madhouse has been pumping in enough cash that the anime does indeed hold up favorably to its source (so far).

That said, whoever was in charge of animating Asura Rhino Carnage Kabuto deserves a heap of props. The monster’s just so wonderfully… well, animated, making incredible facial expressions and gesticulating all over the place, all bolstered by Unsho Ishizuka’s (aka Joseph “OH MY GOD” Joestar) deliciously hammy voice work. The decision to give his Carnage Mode a purple-and-green color scheme in homage to Evangelion Unit-01 was also a fun choice, as was the switch from a plain white background to a psychedelic blood red during his rampage. This adaptation has a great sense of style overall, and I’m quite enjoying seeing how the anime staff interprets each conflict.



  • One could probably argue that Saitama’s training regimen turning him bald as well as invincible implies he achieved some sort of enlightenment. It’s definitely a joke first and foremost, though.
  • Next week should be introducing two fan-favorite characters. Hint: They’re both in the opening alongside Genos.
  • The anime won’t go this far unless there’s a Season 2, and it’s a one-off gag, so I feel no guilt in revealing that Dr. Genus does reappear later. Hm…

2 thoughts on “One-Punch Man: Episode 3

  1. They’re going out of their way to skip all of the omake chapters, so I doubt if XXXXXXXXX finding Dr. Genus is going into season 2, even if they make season 2. We’re at least 2 years away from season 2 as Murata is really behind on the redrawn (ONE already finish enough material for season 2, but only about 1/2 of that have been redrawn).

  2. This show keeps on kicking ass. Loved the Eva reference, and the animation is just a joy to watch. It reminds me of KLK. Not that the animation style is the same but the the contrast in colors and light really add to the feel.

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