Comet Lucifer: Episode 4



Sundays at 10:00 am EST on Crunchyroll

Do Mon and company rush to repair the roof before a typhoon hits. Meanwhile, the villainous trio get a bead on Felia’s location.

Iro’s thoughts

Zigg’s on vacation, so it’s my job to cover Comet Lucifer this week. Which is convenient, because not a lot actually happens until the last few minutes. We’re already a third through the season (!!) and Comet Lucifer is only slated for twelve episodes, so it’s remarkable how slowly the show is moving and how enjoyable it is despite that. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans has spent roughly the same amount of time hanging out with the characters and has the benefit of being a longer show in general, but I’m practically screaming at the monitor for them to get on with it. Comet Lucifer has managed to keep me entertained with its goofy characters and easygoing attitude.


Considering Moura’s insistence on Felia not using her powers and her own willingness to use them for anything, I doubt the cost is anything directly harmful to her. On the other hand, Moura mentioned that Felia is representative of the spirit of the planet or something, so there are probably wider ramifications they’re saving for later. The radio states that there hasn’t been a typhoon in forty years, and I’m inclined to consider that a side effect of moving around a bunch of shit every week. Also, if Moura could seal Felia’s powers from the beginning, why didn’t he? Having him do so now comes off as a cheap excuse for why she gets kidnapped.

Apart from that hiccup, all of the characters are just carrying on as usual. None of them have proven to be very complex (or indeed very interesting at all), but we’re starting to see some further interactions between them all. It’s a decent one-off gag to have even psychotic murderer Pack be disgusted by Alfried’s blatant pedophiliac behavior, and having Stewart pause as he sees Do Mon’s photo definitely implies some history either with Do Mon himself or his conspicuously censored spouse. Sogo opening up to Kaon about his mother is also a bit of hilariously obvious foreshadowing for… something. At any rate, the next episode preview looks to be promising Sogo and Moura going on a rescue mission, so I’m looking forward to plenty of the two trading insults.


Random Observations

  • Do Mon is presumably not a butcher, don’t bring your prize steer to him and then leave it exposed during a typhoon. Gosh, Roman.
  • Speaking of Roman, he and Otto are still hilarious in their ineffectual buffoonery.
  • The music during Felia’s veggie dance feels like something right out of a modern Super Mario game.
  • Sogo and Kaon knew there was a typhoon arriving that day, and they still decided to go to school? Another excuse to have Felia home alone, I guess.
    • No seriously, they have school?

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