Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans: Episode 4


“The Price of Life”

Sundays on Daisuki

As Tekkadan (STILL) prepares to escort Kudelia to Earth, some of Gjallarhorn’s officers land on Mars to investigate their missing soldiers.

Iro’s thoughts

Oh my God get on with it. Almost nothing happens in this episode that couldn’t have conceivably been crammed into the past two. It was plainly obvious from the get-go that Todo (aka Creeper Chaplin) was going to betray everyone at every opportunity, and we definitely didn’t need another ten minutes dedicated to the ladies swooning over Mikazuki’s chiseled bod. At this point, the only people in the whole of Tekkadan that I actually give a damn about are Biscuit and his family, since this episode establishes that he is not only providing for his kid sisters but also his aging grandmother.


McGillis and Gaelio (aka Not-Char and Not-Garma) get to continue their joint role as Mr. Exposition this week, pulling double-duty as they have one conversation while the visuals dash through a timeline of the world at rocket speed. I appreciate that they seem to be a couple of decent folk just doing their jobs investigating Gjallarhorn, but having them verbally puzzle out the already obvious cause of the first episode’s battle is plain silly. More interesting is the relationship between the two, with McGillis apparently betrothed to Gaelio’s 9-year-old sister, a decent nugget of exposition that’s disguised as a bit of ribbing between friends. With the aforementioned similarities to Char and Garma, however, one has to wonder if McGillis is plotting to kill his brother-in-law…

I definitely want to see where the show’s going from here on, but its glacial pacing and dull central characters are making it increasingly harder to get interested in each episode. At this point, it feels like it’s become a guessing game of when exactly Iron-Blooded Orphans is going to fall to pieces, instead of if.



  • What kind of space-farmer has a combine but collects the crop by hand?
  • Even in the present, growing corn is unprofitable without government subsidies. You’d think they’d have something better to grow in the dystopian space future.
  • The animation really took a hit this week, with Mikazuki’s back prongs looking like square tattoos half the time.
  • How hot is it supposed to be on Mars? Mikazuki’s harvesting corn in a tank top, but everyone else seems to be dressed fairly warm. Kudelia’s wearing a turtleneck sweater, for cryin’ out loud.
  • McGinnis just had a fancy bag of candy in his work car, because…?
  • There’s a big hole in Australia where Sydney should be. Did a colony drop happen in this timeline, too?

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