One-Punch Man: Episode 4


“The Modern Ninja”

Mondays on Daisuki

A gang of bald terrorists is smashing the city, which means Saitama has to teach them a lesson for cribbing his style. Unless their target’s ninja bodyguard takes care of them first, of course.

Iro’s thoughts

I don’t care who the eponymous character of the episode is, the true star here is Licenseless Mumen Rider. Terrorists are attacking the city and the dude still has the time to help out children before confronting the entire group of villainous Paradisers without fear. A true hero if there ever was one, I say. Which is not to say that Saitama doesn’t show his hero chops this week, letting the defeated Hammerhead go on his way and expressing sympathy for the villain’s circumstances. Saitama has straight-up killed intelligent beings in the past three episodes when they refused to back down or show remorse, so it’s nice to see that he’s not trigger-happy, as it were.


But fine, the main focus of this episode is on recurring character Speed-o’-Sound Sonic (voiced by Yuuki Kaiji, popular in protagonist roles in recent years), who is as stereotypical a ninja as can be expected from a show like One-Punch Man. This basically means he’s super fast, utterly full of himself, and uses kunai to murder people (he unfortunately seems to lack a spin-dash or a super peel-out). Of course, while Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is speedy as heck, is not as fast as our hero, and this fact is going to form the basis of pretty much all of Sonic’s appearances from now on.

Next week promises the hero exam and the training session between Saitama and Genos, which is one of the famous flipbook-style segments from Murata’s version of the manga. The anime staff has some big shoes to fill.



  • Because of the manga, we all expected the sakuga to be while Sonic was leaping around the trees, but instead we got the most gratuitously animated nut-shot I’ve ever seen. This is an acceptable outcome.
  • Licenseless Mumen Rider is a joke off Japanese icon Kamen Rider, in case that wasn’t obvious.
  • Hammerhead looks like he walked right out of Dragonball. It’s the sharply angled eyes in particular, I think.


2 thoughts on “One-Punch Man: Episode 4

  1. Another fun episode. Sonic looks like he’s strong, but unfortunately, he still got the “weakness” that every men have, and Saitama exploited it perfectly.. :p

    • Since there’s no voice work in the manga, even with the nut shot, people argued for a while over whether Sonic was a man or a woman thanks to his slender build.

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