All Your Monies: November 2nd 2015


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aqua) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week we have an extra large edition for you from taking last week off and we find ourselves saturated with stage performers.

Rin/Len Kagamine Tony Version (Vocaloid)
Max Factory, July 2016, ¥11,852 each


Timmy: I recently had the pleasure of picking up both Miku and Luka, and after seeing those two in person it has made deciding to get this pair that much easier. They both turned out great, and I really love some of the finer details Max Factory have managed. The detailing put into their outfits and their super detailed hair to name a few examples. Both their faces are executed superbly as well, and they will definitely look great along Tony’s other stylized vocaloids. Also not really sure and am too lazy to actually check, but Len might be his first guy figure?

Jel: I’m still going to say Tony’s Luka is the only one of this line truly worth getting, but this is still nice regardless. On a completely random note, I like how their leggings have a more realistic cloth look to them than you’d usually see, I always kind of thought of them as some kind of metal robot greaves. Overall the sculpt is fantastic as expected from Max Factory, my only complaint is how in the world did they manage to slip in some side boob on Rin? Awkward.

Euri: If Tony’s Rin was out by February, I’d be bidding a tearful farewell to a good chunk of change. Fortunately for my bank account, I’m not much into ordering figures online these days. That aside, I really love (most of) what’s been done to Rin. We get so many Vocaloid-related figures that it’s really easy to just dismiss them all, and while Rin isn’t super different, there’s enough going on to catch your eye. Personally it’s the semi-realistic that makes this appeal to me, as I’m a bit tired of the Project Diva-esque looking figures. The only thing that’s likely to give me second thoughts is that side boob. You can probably move the figure to an angle where that isn’t an issue, but it’s a bit besides the point. Also, this is Tony so of course there’s side boob. Len looks cool too, but who really cares when there’s a Rin?

Rin Suzunoki & GSX400S Katana (Bakuon!!)
Phat Company, May 2016, ¥15,800


Timmy: Very neat but horribly expensive, especially considering the smaller scale. I can’t help but think that both Rin and the bike being separately licensed has something to do with that. The bike looks great, and while Rin is pretty cute I have to be amused with the idea of being able to toss her and display the bike by itself. (If you are actually crazy enough to do this do consider sending her to me instead, I’ll take good care of her for you.) I am not quite confident enough in Phat to pull the final product off without some minor hit and miss flaws, but I think any one who orders her will be satisfied with her, even if she seems a little overpriced.

Jel: That is one really nice figure. I guess the girl is kinda cute too. Go ahead, groan at my lame and easy jokes, but honestly the real star is that motorcycle. Seeing as the girl is removable, I wonder how many people will just take her off and display the bike by itself?

Euri: The bike is what you’re paying for here. Rin looks okay, but the sculpting on her face just isn’t good enough for the kind of money you’d be paying for this. Also, the fact that there’s a low-angle image on the store page shows who they’re aiming this at, and unfortunately shows that the attention paid to this model was spent elsewhere.

Erina Nakiri (Food Wars!)
Good Smile Company, May 2016, ¥11,574


Timmy: Looks pretty great and I definitely enjoy a good elaborate throne figure. Unlike Jel below I actually like her curvy design, as to me it makes her seem that much more like well bred and well fed royalty. GSC have also absolutely nailed her expression, and she seems quite amused at whatever stands before her. She would actually probably pair up really well to make a good queen to Alter’s soon to be released Keigo.

Jel: I like the concept of the throne in theory but I’m not wild about Erina’s over inflated curvy design. Seriously, this girl must have some Sonico level back problems. I’m also just not terribly impressed with the sculpt itself. It’s fine but I feel like it could have been more detailed. Am I just getting spoiled by having a Max Factory release this week?

Euri: Nice chair, but I just don’t care about the figure sat on it. Perhaps consider it an expensive figma prop.

Dark Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Kotobukiya, March 2016, ¥9,000


Timmy: I thought Kotobukiya’s other Dark Magician Girl was pretty cute, but her pose felt a little bit too sexy for Yu-Gi-Oh! so it is great to see they are making another figure of her. And this time she is totally freaking adorable with a super cute playful pose and hearts literally popping out of the base. I really love the colors on display here and her expression is really great as well. If you skipped the first figure of her, or just really love her and want another one of her I don’t think you can go wrong with picking her up.

Jel: Hey, it’s a Dark Magician Girl that’s NOT straddling her wand thing in a mildly suggestive manor. This is a pretty nice rendition. I love the pose in particular, which is very fun and playful, plus the base adds the right amount of pink tackiness to really make it stand out. Oh and I guess it’s Yu-Gi-Oh! and the kids love Yu-Gi-Oh! right?

Euri: A nice, not-gross pose and a reasonable price, too. As nice as this figure is, it kind of doesn’t actually matter because you will already know if you’re in the market for a Dark Magician Girl figure.

Lucifer (The Seven Deadly Sins)
Amakuni, July 2016, ¥14,796 (exclusive)


Timmy: Yup, we had Idol Hitler and not we have Idol Lucifer and I am very much OK with this. She looks really good, and I love the detail and color of the outfit and hair. Her jumping pose is really neat too, and coupled with her expression it makes for a fun, energetic figure. Unfortunately the unnecessary alternate parts, while admittedly amusing considering who she is suppose to be, personally don’t really add a lot to the figure while they add quite a bit to the price. Expensive and exclusive does not bode and while I do want to get her so I can have her and aforementioned Hitler form a duet together, I might end waiting and picking her up preowned after release for a hopefully cheaper price.

Jel: Wait, this line is STILL going??? Timmy, how many of these do you have? I guess I can dig the “idol from hell” concept thing going on here but I was never a big fan of these designs and this doesn’t really change my mind.

Euri: I don’t remember her from the anime, so either this is a manga-only character or she was completely forgettable. I just looked it up and this has nothing to do with that Seven Deadly Sins show from a few seasons back. Regardless, that’s a pretty horrifying price for a generic idol figure with added demon horns.

Saber Bride (Fate/Extra)
Good Smile Company, June 2016, ¥14,630


Timmy: I have personally always liked Saber Bride’s design, especially with the burnt cloth and the zippers running all over the place, but the fact most of the really good figures of her have had her chesticles hanging out has been a bit turn off for me. Thankfully GSC wen’t with a more reserved approach and I think it really pays off. She looks great, and I really love all of the smaller detail work on display in her various belts, chains, locks, and zippers. The sword looks really great too. Now I have to decide if I really need another Saber.

Jel: Sorry Timmy, Saber Bride is the worst Saber. Still can’t decide which is dumber, the zippers or the butt cleavage? At least she’s all zipped up and ready for action, so as Saber Brides go this is possibly my favorite one. But again, favorite of the Worst Saber is not saying much.

Euri: Can we stop making Fate figures now? To be honest, I do quite like the whole ‘The Boss’ thing that’s going on here, as well as the dynamic tattered wedding dress… thing, but surely the people that are still buying these must be running out of money?

Nico Yazawa (Love Live!)
Alter, April 2016, ¥15,800


Timmy: This figure of Nico is a beautiful mess and I love it. I know from the hat and ribbons she is suppose to be Christmas themed but with the ability to remove the hat she would make a really festive Independence or Memorial day figure. With Alter at play I have little doubt that all those lovely ribbons and bows will be faithfully released in the final product and even though with the 45 seconds worth of Love Live I have seen I really don’t care for Nico all that much (Maki is potential waifu material though) I still totally want to get her. Though the price is certainly a little offputting.

Edit: Seriously though, Nico is a bitch.

Jel: There is way too much going on here. It looks like Nico had some kind of horrible gift wrapping accident and is now just trying to roll with it. I can appreciate that it is much more visually interesting than the usual boring Love Live gear though, so I’d say overall that’s a net positive.

Euri: This figure is an absolute mess, and there’s a darn good reason there’s basically only one viewing angle on the sample photos. The price is awful too, but I can’t say I can blame them too much for continuing to milk this franchise. But hey, if you want a figure that looks like it was caught in a hurricane, go for it.

S.H. Figuarts Freddie Mercury (Real Badasses Club)
Bandai, March 2016, ¥6,000


Timmy: This seems somewhat random but whatever, Freddy is pretty damn bad ass regardless. Hopefully someone gets him and have him destroy Micheal Jackson in a stop motion Epic Rap Battle parody.

Jel: Mama, I would kill a man to own this. This is the champion of all poseable figures, my friends. I’m sick of all the fat bottomed girls that make this post go ’round, all other figures can bite the dust.

Euri: A great figure, and with a price like that you’re not going to feel under pressure when buying it. If you have any Cromartie merch and want it all, you’d be a fool to miss out on this. So, uhh, tie your mother down and get your pre-order in?

4 thoughts on “All Your Monies: November 2nd 2015

  1. Isn’t a castoffable figure the very antithesis of the idol ideal? Not that Idol culture needed to get any grosser.

    • I don’t think Lucifer being turned into a girl, then turned into an idol should be considered a representation of Idol culture. This is just Hobby Japan, Amakuni, and Nishii getting money out of suckers like me and I wouldn’t bother reading into it any further. The entire line up to this point has been cast off, so there is no reason why this figure would be any different.

      • Then why make her an idol? I guess honestly the worst thing is seeing that the castoff version has a face that makes it seem like she got exposed without her consent.

        • Yeahhh, Like I said in the post it a little funny that it is Lucifier having her pride exposed, so to speak, but it feels otherwise unnecessary and does little aside from adding to the cost.

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