One-Punch Man: Episode 5

 opm5a “The Ultimate Master”

Mondays on Daisuki

Our devastating duo pass the auditions, making them fully certified Heroes. Now officially Master and Disciple, Saitama and Genos have a sparring battle.

Marlin’s Thoughts

Another week, another fantastic episode of One Punch Man. No story really blends satire and seriousness quite as well, and the A and B parts of this prove that in spades. With our duo’s entrance into the Heroes Association, we start to see a lot more characters thrown on screen. While some of them will get more screen time as the show goes on, most are just one-off jokes and jabs at the ridiculous tropes of shounen action heroes. The Heroes Association also gives a nice throughline to all the plots that are coming up, as the random attacks can now be framed in the struggles of these other heroes just as well as Saitama and Genos.


Just when I think I won’t be impressed by OPM’s technical ability, the show really loves to prove me wrong. This is a fight that Iro and others have been anticipating for a long time, and for blatantly good reason. While of literally no substance(as even admitted by Genos before he starts), its style is absolutely off the charts. No matter what the truth is about what budget Madhouse is actually dealing with, they are clearly using their talent to maximum effect. We’ve talked with each other about the true merits of One Punch Man considering its lack of real narrative substance, but just like how I think the superb narrative of Yatterman Night overcame its mess of a finale, I definitely see the merit in speaking highly of One Punch Man off of its visuals alone. With many more flipbooks from the manga yet to be brought to life, I don’t see that feeling changing any time soon.


  • Expect the utter nonsense of the Association’s ranking system, as well as Saitama’s place in it, to come up a lot.
  • You may have noticed the wealthy founder of the Heroes Association has a butt for a chin. I wonder who his son could have been…
  • While OPM is a lot of fun, it also is the kind of show that does not lend well to longform coverage. Like JoJo before it, we may keep it to more a bi-weekly schedule so that  there is more to talk about.

2 thoughts on “One-Punch Man: Episode 5

  1. The sparring match is mostly animated by 2 top level freelance animators. OPM only have an average animation budget, and it’s a testament to the series director whose vast contact of good freelancer was used to good use. Episode 1, 2, 5 was animated mostly by non-Madhouse animators.

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