First Look: Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

Bahamut's title card

Alternative titles: Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut
Light Novel Adaptation by Lerche
Streaming on Hulu


I honestly don’t remember any story happening. It’s a by-the-numbers light novel adaptation, who even cares.

colons’ verdict: Time to walking in on naked waifu: three minutes, including the opening

Then, a few minutes later, it is implied that she’s masturbating while thinking about Shit Protag.

I’m reaching here, though; as entertaining as it is to rip into a show for being the most predictable garbage imaginable, the fact that all of these shows are identical means that all I can really comment on are the details.

She's wrong.

She’s wrong. And stealing characters from idol shows won’t help.

Jel’s verdict: Can We Pretend This Show Doesn’t Exist?

I probably shouldn’t have saved this show for last as it was easily the worst thing I watched from the new season. I guess I should be happy this is the only show worthy of Iro’s Light Novel Mad Libs Bingo™ that we were plagued with last season, but wow is this bad enough for several shows combined. As you’ll see, I actually got my first double bingo! Maybe we need to add “heroine touches herself because she is so aroused by the hero saving her” or actually, I’m surprised we don’t have “two mismatched swords” or “dressed in all black” on the card either. Guhhhhh… avoid this, there are plenty of better shows to watch this season.


Marlin’s verdict: Don’t Touch This.

There is a minor debate going on in the Glorio Chat over whether this show or Pandora in the Crimson Shell is the worst show of the season. It’s actually kind of amazing how terrible they are in such similar ways, but to me after watching this piece of garbage, it really was no contest. After the prerequisite establishing exposition dump, we get less than a minute in before our protagonist goes headfirst into the heroines cleavage. Not only that, but they have him make such a bad attempt at “excusing himself” that honestly you would be forgiven for thinking the author wants you to believe he meant to be there. Later on, he has to fight her because obviously, while simultaneously being offered a job at the school where he was just accused of sexual assault. This was absolutely the most basal trash I have ever seen. Not done with that, we get more scenes of the princess heroine flashing her mons pubis like that is a completely reasonable thing for someone to do. I’m also going to assume we should believe that she’s masturbating, because the sick fucks that actually enjoy this sure are.

7 thoughts on “First Look: Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

  1. I actually watched this in response to the claim that it’s worse than Pandora and you people are crazy. It’s aggressively shitty sure but nowhere close to a Pandora level catastrophe.

  2. Jel’s DOUBLE bingo was just too much, I had to watch the first ep…..You forgot to mention he is the only guy in an academy full of teenage girls with tats above their crotch…..ugh

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