First Look: Pandora In the Crimson Shell Ghost Urn


Alternative Title: Koukaku No Pandora
Light novel Adaptation
Streaming on Funimation


So it’s come to this has it? Anime was a mistake.

Zigg’s verdict:


Look, the only thing I’m going to say is that this is possibly the worst thing that I’ve ever had the misfortune to be forced to watch in the name of this blog. Yes, worse than OniAi, which I described as ‘worse than invasive surgery.’ Yes, worse than Imocho which I cheerfully characterised as ‘lowlife pornography’. It’s a disgusting, breathtakingly corrupt parade of gross, mindless fantasies writ large onto a screen which I swear would have started bleeding if I’d left it on a second longer. This thing is straight up evil and the purest expression of the warped mindset which sits at the dark beating heart of a portion of the anime fandom. Oh, it’s also terribly written, appallingly designed and shockingly animated, but really they’re symptoms rather than additional problems. Just vomit-inducing. In conclusion…


Marlin’s verdict: [blank space here]

Well that was probably the most unnecessary sexualization since… well since KyoAni’s show. There’s a couple cool ideas in this show believe it or not? It’s just covered in a veneer of skeevy robot sex fantasies. Which is pretty unacceptable. Not really much more to say than that.

Iro’s verdict: No.

Just stop. Anime can be so much more than robot girls feeling each other up in full view of the camera.

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