Dimension W: Episodes 4 & 5


“The Mystery Hidden in Lake Yasogami”
“The Potential of the Dead”

Sundays at 9:00 a.m. EST on Funimation

Our heroes investigate a grisly murder at a creepy lakeside ghost house.

Iro’s thoughts

I haven’t had this much trouble following what was going on in a show for quite a while, which doesn’t really bode well for my feelings on Dimension W (see also: me writing this post like a week late). It’s not like I’m stupid or something, but when you start bringing in bizarre parallel ghost worlds that can somehow affect the real one, you’ve probably gone too far. It’s been established that the coils provide energy by skimming off of some alternate dimension, but how does that lead to corporeal water ghosts? I have no clue, and the show doesn’t really see fit to justify it other than by saying, “Hey! Those crazy coils, am I right?”


It all starts off pretty standard, and the idea of a whodunnit in a creepy mansion (complete with wacky cast; they bothered to give basically every character in the lobby a distinct design) is one I can definitely get behind. Except… it’s not a whodunnit, and as mentioned things just get insane and barely comprehensible. We’re introduced to Elizabeth, aka the gothic-lolita girl from the OP, who themes herself around vampires and bats because… anime, I guess. She busts out some bat-shaped drones in episode 5, which I guess is cool? Otherwise, she barely features into the plot, which is unexpected since she I’d assume her credits presence implies some higher level of importance. She is in cahoots with our favorite Loser though, so there’s no way we’ve seen the last of her.

Here is my attempt to piece together the mystery here: 20 years ago, novelist guy triggered the dams and flooded his village, having expected his girlfriend to help the villagers evacuate. She fell into a ravine and busted her head, and instead of helping the villagers he went to fish her out of the river, leading to their deaths and for her to lose her memories. Out of guilt, he adopted her as a little sister and decided to live in the lakeside manor. Therefore (???) the ghosts of the villagers live on in the lakewater, which then gets affected by the Numbered Coil and the Dimension W energy lets them manifests as water ghosts? Like, that’s confusing enough, but it wouldn’t be that weird. It’s the parallel universe shit with like fake-past-self-novelist-guy and Mira getting stuck in another dimension and blahblahblah that makes no goddamn sense. And then the stinger reveals that the maid was the actual culprit?


Ah, fuck it. If Dimension W doesn’t care about explaining itself, why should I?


  • I was completely off base last post when I was theorizing that Elizabeth was the “other beast of Grendel”; turns out it was Albert. Damn you, Occam’s razor!
  • I thought it was great when the only thing Kyoma got from trying to hit Mira was a busted hand, ‘cuz she’s a robot. Got what you deserved, asshole.
  • Of course Mira was in a towel and tied up half the time. Fuck anime.
    • No seriously, keep it in your goddamn pants, Japan.

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