First Look: Hundred


Alternative titles: Every Light Novel Adaptation You’ve Ever Heard Of
Light Novel Adaptation by Production IMS
Streaming on Crunchyroll


This seems profitable, let’s make exactly the same thing.

colons’ verdict: 𝄆garbage𝄇.

In this week’s episode, Haruhi and the rest of the SOS brigade go swimming, attend an obon festival, set off some fireworks, and go hunting for cicadas. Mikuru calls a meeting in a quiet square and the non-Haruhi protagonists discuss the implications of the looping reality they have found themselves in. They do not find a solution, and we can only assume this is going to happen again.

For real, though, this first episode is completely indistinguishable from the first episode of Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle, down to the climactic fight in the school colosseum between Shit Protag and the leading lady in plug suits that have summoned holographic robots. Bahamut Chronicle is, in turn, indistinguishable from countless other garbage shows with the same premise and setting. I cannot provide any meaningful critique that is even remotely specific to this show. There is, as far as I can tell, literally nothing new here. Go watch Bakuon instead.


Euri’s verdict: Infiniter Stratos

This show is just Infinite Stratos all over again. I mean, it’s also identical to a ton of other shows too, so perhaps that’s why it’s called Hundred?

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