My Hero Academia Episode 11


“Game Over”

Simulcast on Funimation every Sunday

The students continue to battle the villains, as Iida makes a desperate attempt to fetch help

Zigg’s thoughts

This episode is super frustrating because there’s some absolutely awesome stuff which happens here, but it just takes too damn long to get going. With the villains on the scene and their motive firmly established, this chunk of the story should be all about Deku and how he’s reacting to the situation. Instead, our attention is scattered and diluted across multiple scenarios and a lot of the thrust of the plot is lost. That makes me sound a little hypocritical I know, since in the past I’ve urged the show to do more to develop the supporting cast, But spending a big chunk of this episodes on cutaways to the other students just softens the impact of the main storyline, and it reeks of padding too. The cutaway Quirk explanations are a prime example of something which I’m sure is a cool spread in manga form but just don’t work very well in the heat of an animated tale like this. My Hero Academia‘s pacing issues have gotten more egregious the further the show has gone along, and this is another example of that. The leisurely pace worked when it started as a character focused drama piece but there needs to be more urgency now we’re in battles constantly.


Fortunately, there’s enough cool stuff in this episode, and especially in the last five minutes, to still make it very much worth watching. One thing i really like about My Hero Academia so far is that the show has struck a good balance between making our main characters feel believably powerful, yet also letting them have believable and obvious flaws. Deku and gang’s face-off against the head baddies is pretty much a disaster, and it takes a pair of saves from Eraser Head and All Might to get them out of their jam. I particularly like Eraser Head’s intervention as it’s a cool yet totally believable way to save Tsui from a seemingly hopeless situation. It also solidifies his credentials as a truly heroic character after his earlier appearances painted him as something of a jerk. It’s good to show that Deku’s abilities are not an automatic win condition, and that despite his prodigious power he’s still a fledgling who requires the help of both teachers and classmates alike to actually achieve victory. A failure here sets him up well for a big triumph in an episode or two.


All Might’s appearance on the other hand is just a classic thrilling exclamation point to round off the show and it’s a really strong way to get me pumped up for the next episode. Given this is clearly the lead in to the final battle of the season, I’d be interested to see if they can sustain the momentum for two whole episodes. Action scenes are something I feel we could use a little more of, so a nice big set piece battle to round the show off would be welcome

Random Observations

  • Every possible day, in every possible way, Mineta is just the worst.
  • As noted in the previous episode, All Might can probably only sustain his hero form for about another ten minutes, so expect an assist from our precocious youngsters to really close this one out.
  • There’s a surprising amount of really brutal violence in this episode.
  • Not a big fan of the show continuing to treat Bakugou as some sort of battle prodigy.
  • The implication here is that Deku didn’t break his arm because he hit Nomu, but shouldn’t hitting an immovable object damage him even more than usual?

2 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Episode 11

  1. Perhaps eraser head used his power to negate Dekus power? Perhaps that dude with the exposed brain has a power similar to eraser head? I agree the momentary jumps to off screen characters was clumsy. And the fact bakugou actually managed to “rally” the dude near him was ridiculous.

    But still looking forwrad to the end of this arc.

  2. I kind of assumed his arm didn’t break because under the pressure of the moment he kind of figured out how to use his power without breaking it? But then again, I also kind of figured they’d explain later and probably at length so I just kind of dismissed that thought for now.

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