Macross Delta Episode 11

macross_11-1“Jellyfish Reminiscence”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

The crew says goodbye to Messer, but there is little time to grieve. The Aerial Knights are ready to play their trump card, setting the stage for an incredibly high stakes battle.

Jel’s thoughts

OK, so Messer is 100% dead and boy did he get a sendoff. I have to admit his funeral hit me in the gut a bit harder than I expected. It was probably the music, but more on that later. This felt like a very intense episode despite not having much action. Everyone is on edge and now that we know Windmere’s plan we’re set up for a pretty eventful mid-series climax.

Love Triangle
Understandably no romance this week given the circumstances, but I will comment it’s cool to see how the main three have gotten pretty close. Mirage and Hayate’s little heart to heart talks while gazing off in the distance have become commonplace, and they all seem pretty comfortable opening up about their feelings… well except their dumb high school crushes on each other of course. There will be plenty of time for that later.


Pop Music
“Giraffe Blues” has really grown on me. It’s a very dynamic, emotionally compelling song that, even without context, can nearly move you to tears. Of course that might be because we got to hear Mikumo sing it this week, but Kaname kind of stole the show with her forceful performance. Whereas Mikumo sings it soulfully and effortless, Kaname has to squeeze out every inch of her vocal range to handle it. As a result, she sounds more intense and passionate, which I guess is appropriate in this episode. Dat vibrato though! So there you go folks, The Glorio Blog providing all your in-depth idol song analysis needs.

Streaming Missiles
Nothing much this week but considering the Aerial Knights just launched some kind of doomsday ship, look out next episode. I think it’s very likely they will succeed with their plan in some capacity, possibly seeing it backfire and revealing the “real” threat. Again, there is precedent in Macross for the bad guys winning and lots of people dying, so I’m not crazy when I keep calling for everyone’s head each week. Even with Messer gone, I still fear for any cast members outside of the main love triangle. Which leads us to our weekly betting game…


If you haven’t joined yet, here are the rules:

– You have 100 Glorio Yen Coins* to bet on any character or split combination of characters.
– Pay out will be determined by the odds set on the list below.
– Bets can be placed in the comments on any post until the mid point of the series
– Mid-point will be end of episode 13 or the OP changes, whichever comes first.
– You will receive pay out if a character dies before or during episode 13.
– Starting with episode 14, new odds will be created and a second round will begin.
– If no one dies before or during episode 13, this has been a huge waste of time.

1/2 Messer Ihelfeld: Has Var syndrome and a past incident to atone for, practically begging to get killed.
1/3 Arad Molders: Tells everyone they’re going to party after the mission, also he’s Skull Leader.
1/5 Chuck Mustang: Killing the likable, down to earth guy is easy drama, his image color is yellow.
1/8 Mikumo Guynemer: Seems like she doesn’t belong in this time/universe, set up to pass on her role to Freyja.
1/10 The Macross Elysion Bridge Crew: Totally expendable.
1/15 Kaname Buccaneer: Low self esteem could lead to her seeking value in sacrifice… wow that got dark.
1/20 Makina Nakajima/Reina Prowler: Nearly as expendable as the bridge crew, if they go they go together.
1/75 Walkure Package Deal: They keep emphasizing they are in danger, maybe everyone dies to protect Freyja?
1/100 Freyja Wion: Short life span could cause a “better to die young” scenario, but Love Triangle Plot Armor.
1/200 Hayate Immelman: Love Triangle Plot Armor, Main Male Character Plot Armor.
1/250 Mirage Farina Jenius: Love Triangle Plot Armor, most likely to be the Boring Person That Lives to Tell Their Story.

Messer is officially dead, so it’s time to pay out:
80 Glorio Yen Coins awarded to liablueleaves, who is now in the lead by default. Congrats, and please bet responsibly!

*1 Glorio Yen Coin equals the cash value of 1 Internet Bragging Right

2 thoughts on “Macross Delta Episode 11

  1. Honestly, if I’d watched episode 9 before placing my bets I would’ve gone full on Messer, he had so many death flags I was even surprised he survived that episode. I also don’t feel like bragging much since it was painfully obvious he was a goner after ep 9. I’ll keep my bragging rights for later.

    I was also very moved by Messer’s send-off because the rendition of Giraffe’s Blues was fantastic. I wasn’t impressed with Kaname’s voice in Axia, but she nailed this one wonderfully. I also liked how it seemed Mikumo had bailed on it only to show up singing at the last minute. Very touching, I even got teary eyed. I love Mikumo and I’ll never bet for her death ;—;

    Now someone I’d like to see die is the pink hair lesbian (is it Reina? Or is it Makina? I never know which is which) if only because her petnames are awfully grating (Kumo-kumo and Mesa-mesa take the cake for worst petnames I’ve ever heard. At least Messer’s death means I won’t have to hear the latter ever again.) I also don’t think that, if they die, they’d die together. It’s more likely one of them dies and the other survives for a “tragic lesbian” storyline. But I doubt that’ll happen. If someone’s gonna die from Walkure it’s gonna be Mikumo or Freyja. We could also have a Sayonara no Tsubasa Ending in which Hayate and/or Freyja don’t-quite-die-but-might-as-well like Altoh and Sheryl.

    If we’re headed for a “villains win” mid-season, I think the captain still has high chances of dying and maybe some bridge members. Maybe Chuck, but I’d hate if they killed off the one character that lifts the general mood of the crew (because pink-hair-lesbian’s way of lifting the mood annoys me). I really doubt we’ll see Mikumo die before mid-season (if at all), there are too many mysteries around her and it doesn’t seem we’re any closer to solving them

    • I think at this point Walkure is safe for the first half, the rest of Delta squad I’m not sure. It would certainly seem harsh on Kaname if they also killed off the Captain, so he’s also safe at the moment?

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