First Look: This Art Club Has a Problem!


Alternative titles: Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
Manga Adaptation by Feel

Streaming on Crunchyroll


Usami is an artist with a crush on her fellow classmate Uchimaki. Unfortunately, his eye is only on the anime paintings he makes. Seriously, that’s the plot.

Marlin’s verdict:¬†Shut it Down

If I really need some fluff, I will go to Sweetness and Lightning. This show certainly could have that kind of slow, sweet appeal if it was just about normal people, but the extra angle of this weirdo that literally just “draws waifus” really turned me off. Also, the idea of using sexual harassment as comedy just has to stop. They still haven’t given us any good reason why she would have a crush on this loser, nor did they really introduce enough characters for any of them to really draw me in. We talk about wish fulfillment a lot, so when I see an otaku who is doing literally what I have seen other otaku do (make manga-style drawings for their own pleasure) and have them inexplicably crushed on by what seems to be a perfectly normal girl, it’s hard not to think of the whole show from that angle. I suppose I may want to give this show an episode or two to justify its flimsy premise and so far shallow characters, but I have lost the patience for such unrewarding things a long time ago.


Jel’s verdict: Now I can drop New Game!

I wanted a cute and silly comedy to fill out my roster this season and this show might fill that need. If you can get past the premise and one skeevy panty shot scene, it generally doesn’t feel like the self-indulgent otaku bait it easily could have been. It’s almost entirely a one-sided monologue in the head of a girl with a crush on a weird boy. I found it refreshing how honest she was to herself with her feelings, which made it actually feel believable when she was struggling to express them. When you’re young telling people you like them is hard, we’ve all been there, right?

With the focus almost entirely on the main girl and guy and a lot of the dialogue happening in her head, I couldn’t help but think of Tonari no Seki-kun. It certainly did not have any of that show’s creative brilliance, but the mood felt similar. The presentation was also fairly impressive with real pretty backgrounds and solid animation, adding to the growing list of nice looking shows this season. My main concern moving forward is how the rest of the cast will fit in with the club president already mucking things up and the promise of more characters to come – including that girl hiding in the locker, in case you missed her. If they don’t stray too far from the formula of this episode, I think it could be pretty good.

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