First Look: Alderamin on the Sky


Alternative titles: Tenkyo no Alderamin
Light Novel Adaptation by Madhouse
Streaming on Crunchyroll


En route to their military officer exams, a small group of cadets (and the imperial princess) are shipwrecked behind enemy lines. Judging by the opening, they’ll probably make it out.


Iro’s verdict: I Can Feel The Potential Draining Away

This was at least intriguing, which is more than I can say for most light novel anime. The premise of a bunch of barely competent teens and a VIP being trapped in enemy territory is an interesting one, but the adherence to anime/LN character cliches and aggressively mediocre character designs kills any enthusiasm I might have. Snarky-pervert is barely a half-step away from blank-slate on the Shitty Protagonist scale, particularly since the narration goes out of its way to talk about how badass he actually is, and since it’s a light novel you can practically feel all the ladies inexplicably falling for him as the episode wears on. If this show had a little more self-awareness, I’d be way more interested. At least it’s not trapped-in-an-alternate-world?



Zigg’s verdict: All At Sea

As Iro noted, there’s an interesting core story here, and even some promising worldbuilding, that’s all smothered under a deep layer of generic anime cliche. The potentially intriguing (if leadenly delivered) political wrangling and behind-enemy-lines tension couldn’t be in starker contrast to the unlikable personalities of our main party, the generic female characters used mostly for eye candy, or the preteen girl who’s immediately used for a nude joke. I’m trying not to bury the hatchet too hard because there really does look to be some cool possibilities, but considering the history of LN adaptations and some of the unfortunate signs, i think I’ll be ducking out unless the word of mouth gets really good.

2 thoughts on “First Look: Alderamin on the Sky

  1. I really didn’t expect to like this and went in expecting to write a single review and move on, but I was kind of charmed by the first episode and would like to know where it’s going. I may review my opinion in a few episodes but at the moment I’m giving this one the benefit of the doubt.

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