No Macross this week but…


As of writing there are still no English subs available for Macross Delta¬†episode 20 (I am still ultimately blaming you, Harmony Gold), so nothing to talk about¬†this week. At this point we will probably just double up episodes next week. In the meantime though, you may want to check out the “Delta Mini-Theater” Bluray extras to get your Macross fix. They’re dumb, short cartoons that prove Mirage is the best girl and explain how Walkure’s magic space idol dresses work via fart jokes. It’s almost entertaining!

2 thoughts on “No Macross this week but…

  1. It’s funny because the moment after I read this I found the episode had just been uploaded in my usual aggregator streaming site of hell

    • Yeah I definitely couldn’t find it at the time I was writing the post but I do see it circulating now. We’ll be back on it next week.

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