Macross Delta Episode 22


“Extreme Brave”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

Mirage convinces Arad to let Freyja and Hayate join the offensive on Windermere. While Walkure attempts to open a gate to the planet, Mirage and Hayate are intercepted by a squad of knights led by Cassim.

Jel’s thoughts

While there are spots I can take issue with this episode, this was a big improvement over the last few weeks. Moreso than anything, we got a bit of the joy and swagger we’ve been missing from our cast, which was most noticeable in the conversation between Hayate and Mikumo. Both still have doubts and fears but they also can’t wipe the confident grin off their faces as they focus on the task at hand. It also helped that we had our first battle in a long time which, combined with the music, is probably the strongest part of the show at this point. With that all said, I think it’s time we return this post to our original format:


Love Triangle
Should this mess between these three crazy kids get resolved it wouldn’t surprise me if it was Mirage who said something first. She’s been getting pretty good at bluntly saying what she means. We all knew she wasn’t going to shoot Hayate under any circumstances but she did say it. Technically she did even say “I love you”… technically. I initially thought the giant robot hug to stop Hayate was pretty dumb and it probably still was, but something tells me his ability to get himself under control has more to do with his magic necklace from pops than anything else.

Pop Music
Pretty decent song choices this week, and the ED song that’s appeared a few times is definitely growing on me. I’m tending to favor the more serious and dramatic songs than the more pop oriented ones. More importantly than any of that though, the best part of this episode was clearly Mikumo giving Freyja the slap she was asking for. Better still, she didn’t miss a note and even threw up her gang sign afterward. That’s just stone cold. I’m not sure we’re out of the woods with Mikumo freak outs yet – OK I’m SURE we’re not – but I did enjoy the return of her eccentric airhead personality that I loved in the early episodes. Maybe she’ll stay that way?


Streaming Missiles
This was a pretty good battle and a welcome one at that, I honestly can’t remember how many episodes it’s been since we’ve had a good dogfight. Giant robo hug aside, it was cool seeing Mirage and Hayate win with tactics and teamwork and no musical magic super senses. As for poor Cassim, we all knew he was dead the second he said anything about his apple orchard, so no surprise there. It seemed like he could have easily survived that battle so I do wonder why he was so quick to off himself. I guess it was better for him to die with honor than address his self doubt? It seems Keith isn’t really interested in fighting at all at this point, and you have to wonder if the knights are going to turn on Roid (Lloyd?) at some point. Either that or I’m still not ruling out a team up against a bigger villain, candidate #1 being Berger Stone (yes I looked up his name and I’m laughing) and whoever he is working for. With only 4 episode left, we’ll find out soon enough.

3 thoughts on “Macross Delta Episode 22

  1. This episode, as far as the love triangle goes, seems to be pointing at a harem/unresolved ending a la Frontier (pre Sayonara no Tsubasa). But in all honestly, what they really achieved here is make me root for a Team Mikumo ending (jk, Hayate doesn’t deserve the queen herself). The Mikumo-Hayate banter was definitely the best part of the episode, closely followed by Mikumo bitchslapping sense into Freyja. Her lack of confidence was a really grating development that doesn’t seem to be of much repercussion to the plot.

    On a different note,do I get bragging points since there was no death pool? I did call Cassim’s death since episode 18 >:D.

    • Cassim wasn’t exactly going out on a limb, I mean I’d say it was more obvious he was gonna go than even Messer was. But sure, I will award you 100 internet bragging rights.

      Also yes, Mikumo is clearly the right choice but there’s no way Hayate could handle all that.

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