Macross Delta Episode 25


“Star Singer”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

With Mikumo in captivity, Windermere begins their plan to use her powers as the Star Singer to retake the galaxy. This is bad for business, so Berger tips off both NUNS and Delta squadron to prepare a counterattack.

Jel’s thoughts

This episode was mostly big reveals that were not nearly as shocking as they were intended be, but needed to be covered to set us up for the final episode. It’s kind of sad how little I’ve come to care at this point as some of the info is at least a little interesting. Given the circumstances, I think it’s time to call it quits on our usual breakdown of the episode and let’s just review what we got.


First up, everything related to Hayate’s dad. No surprise that he was not really guilty, or that he was some kind of spy, or that he was the one that gave Freyja her music player. I’m still not 100% certain how that audio tape absolved him of guilt. Yes, he did try and re-direct to minimize casualties but he still flew on the mission. Did he not know what he got in to? If that’s the case I must have missed it, even after Mirage explained what should have been obvious to the audience anyway. The box full of mementos is several episodes too late. They should have worked that in earlier to get us to care BEFORE all the big truth bombs and then maybe they would have had some impact, maybe tying it in to Hayate’s main character conflict about who he wants to be.

Of more interest to me were the ties to the original Macross series. Berger all but confirms my theory that Lady M is Lynn Minmay, so I guess that wasn’t too shocking. I’ll be curious to see if they actually show her or will they just leave that to our imagination? He also mentions possible communications with the original lost expedition fleet conveniently in the direction everyone is headed. That’s definitely something the can’t ignore, but I’m leaning more toward there will be some kind of short message rather than a full blown return of Hikaru and Misa. Kawamori has stated in recent interviews that he’s not ready to tell that story and not sure if he ever will be, so unless that was just misdirection I’m going to believe him. I mean, do we really need to see the original cast well into their 70s? I think I’d prefer to just leave well enough alone for them.


About the only other important thing was Mikumo still in captivity and nuking the NUNS army, but I already talked about how dumb the mind control set up is, not to mention how incredibly creepy Roid (Lloyd?) is being about it. It’s pretty gross how they’ve made such a powerful character into a damsel in distress although I’m assuming she’ll shake it off soon enough, probably somewhere in the final battle when she’s inevitably going to have a singing showdown with Freyja. Which brings us to the end. Is there anything the last episode can do to change my opinion at this point? Probably not, but I hope we at least get an entertaining spectacle. A lot of people are flying a lot of death flags this week so I do wonder if we’ll actually get that “everyone dies but Hayate and Mirage” ending that seemed so impossible earlier in the series. I’d respect that, but even so I think Delta is going to be a net disappointment.

One final note, I really liked the new orchestral arrangement of “Do You Remember Love?” for the ED and I wonder if that’s hinting at the song playing a role in the final battle. Probably not, but there you go, something positive!

6 thoughts on “Macross Delta Episode 25

  1. I doubt Hikaru and Misa would return. 1) Their VAs are dead. 2) Nobody actually cares about them, Minmay was the popular character of those three in Japan and they are footnotes as far as Macross goes (no accomplishments for Hikaru) in comparison to Miria, Max or Minmay.

    Minmay’s going to sing in the last episode with past singers according to magazine spoilers.

        • The more I’m thinking about it, a big song medley like the last episode of Frontier with all the Macross singers throughout time MIGHT win me back over. Like mix up old singers singing new songs and vice versa. At the very least I wouldn’t mind seeing Megumi Nakajima come out of musical retirement.

  2. Berger is literally the writers saying “we had no reasonable way to explain all these important plot points in the story, so here’s a walking exposition chatterbox”. His existence is so lazy, narrative-wise and I’m bored of him popping up at convenient times to explain the plot to us.

    Also, unless Freyja dies (and I have a strong feeling she will), I just don’t see Hayate/Mirage happening. All of their interactions since that nude tech support incident have been in the vein of Mirage stepping out of the way to support Freyja, which is very disappointing because Freyja feels super stuck as a character, doesn’t feel like she has actually grown at all since forever.

    It’s almost unbelievable how much this show has fallen apart in the second half, and it’s really disappointing. Not even any new song in this second half at all. I hope this at least leads JUNNA on to a successful carrier, her voice is powerful and amazing

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