First Look: Urara Meirocho


Manga Adaptation by J.C. Staff
Streaming on The Anime Network


Four girls are invited to Meirocho, a city know for fortune telling. They begin training to be become an “Urara”, the most powerful and prestiguous of the fortune tellers. One of the girls is also looking for her mother, who is supposedly somewhere in the city.

Jel’s verdict: Predictable

There was enough good things happening here that I really wanted to like this show. The art style is incredibly colorful and appealing and the Medieval Japanese style setting is a lot more interesting than your average high school. The overall tone is silly and charming, even when some of the jokes fall flat.


At the end of the day though this is the kind of extreme moe the likes of which I haven’t personally seen in awhile. Yes, we’re talking squeaky voiced girls drawn to look like their 10 years old being awkwardly sexualized. As an example, a good portion of the episode has the very young looking main character lifting up her shirt and showing her stomach or trying to make the other girls do the same. On the surface it’s meant to be funny and innocent but the camera work makes it’s pretty obvious what’s going on.

If you deleted that one part I would almost consider keeping this show, but even without it we’re left with yet another cute girls doing cute things club comedy that just happens to be in an interesting setting. The girls fall neatly into the character types you’d expect including The Mature One™, The Over Confident One™, The Shy One™, and our idiot savant main character. That’s just not enough to cut it these days, and when you add in the other issues sadly this is getting dropped.

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